This Saturday night, Monster Energy Supercross, the 2013 version, invades Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. You’ve got an ultra-competitve premiere 450 SX class, with Davi Millsaps leading the points going into San Diego, and he’s being chased by a bunch of super-fast, championship wining riders – Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, Ryan Villopoto, Justin Barcia, Chad Reed, James Stewart, and more.

And then there is the 250 West SX class, which has turned into a battle between defending champion Eli Tomac, and former World Motocross Champion Kenny Roczen. Ken leads Eli in the points for West supremacy … And San Diego is the last West round until Seattle later in the season. (Next week the “East” series gets going in Dallas, with riders like Marvin Musquin, Dean Wilson, Blake Wharton, and others.)

So, how does the series stand as it comes into San Diego?

What does points leader Davi Millsaps have to say about this past week? “All in all it was a good, smart weekend last weekend in Anaheim. I didn’t get that great of a start, but somehow I came out of the first turn pretty decent, then a bunch of people went down so that helped me out. I’m not gonna complain about that. I almost threw it away on lap 18 but I pulled it together. There are a bunch of guys out there that can win any weekend. That was Ryan Dungey’s first win of the season, so that’s pretty cool for him. I had some good battles – it was a good race and I’m just pumped to be on the podium. I’m trying to be as consistent as I can.”

And Trey Canard says last weekend in Anaheim was … “It was one of those nights that you just need to do your best to keep going. I was riding really cautious in the beginning and stalled my bike. After that I made another mistake. It was a tough night but I need to just look forward and head into San Diego.”

Ryan Villopoto – two-time and defending Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Champion (and there is a special TV program featuring Ryan Sunday – more info here) says “Last weekend was tough for us. We’re still in a good place in the championship, but we plan on heading to San Diego to win. I won at Qualcomm last year and feel confident in my bike and team.”

Number 51 on the Honda Muscle Milke Team, Justin Barcia talks about last weekend and coming into San Diego: “I am really happy with how last Saturday night went. This is an awesome way to come back after the last two weekends that I have had. I was riding really good and am looking forward to this weekend.”

What about Kevin Windham? The ever popular number 14 retired from professional racing recently. But he’s still invovled! He says “The hardest part of all is to hang the boots up. It has been such an amazing ride, and ever since the Houston supercross, where I took the big crash, it has been weighing on me hard. This is my opportunity to step away with my health. It has been the most amazing ride, and I am so thankful for every opportunity that I have been given.”

How is Kevin still involved? Windham is still an integral part of opening ceremonies showcasing his patented “transfer” jump!

Now we get to Eli Tomac. And he says “San Diego has been good to me, and not so good to me. I got my first Supercross victory there in 2011 and the next year I crashed in the whoops and got a DNF. So I’ve experienced both extremes there. I actually like the stadium. It’s designed for football so it’s got a much bigger floor than the baseball stadiums we’ve been racing in this year. That means it should be quicker and more wide open, which I believe will play to my advantage. Twenty points is a big gap. I definitely need to start gaining points on the guy at every race and that means finishing ahead of him every time. I don’t want to let him get more than 25 points ahead, because at that point you can toss out an entire race. Last Saturday I got stuck back in the middle of the pack at the beginning of the race, which really hurt me. I felt like I was riding good, but by the time I made my way into third the leaders were already too far ahead of me. The most important thing is that we got points and moved up in the standings. I need to work on my starts but we still have plenty of time to get back into the lead.”

Martin Davalos was on the 250 podium last weekend. He rides for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit team headed by Mitch Payton. He says “We’ve had a good week leading into San Diego. We proved that we have the speed to win last weekend in Anaheim, and I have been working hard to get there. I’m looking forward to Saturday at Qualcomm.”

Zach Osborne, living and racing primarily in Europe last year, is new to the GEICO Honda team. He says “It was a disappointing night for me last weekend in Anaheim. I made it into the main but threw it away again with a few more mistakes. I need to stop making these rookie mistakes.”

Rockstar Suzuki has a top runner in the 250 West – Jason Anderson. He says about Anaheim last Saturday: “Today went good, but not good. Was just figuring stuff out in the first practice, had a good second practice. Had some crashes. Came out of the night with a fifth. I have to go and work on my notes from the night now. I don’t feel like I did too much wrong – I just need to stay out of the squirrely mid pack.”

Tomorrow night’s race will air live on SPEED at 10:30pm Eatern Time, 7:30pm Pacific Time.

Monster Energy Supercross Notes Package – courtesy Feld Motorsports

San Diego, Qualcomm Stadium

450SX Class: San Diego Stats

· The first race was held on October 25, 1980, and Mike Bell won on a Yamaha
· This will be the 30th time the gate will drop for a 450SX Class race in San Diego
· The only first time winner in San Diego is David Vuillemin, who won on a Yamaha in 2000
· Suzuki has never won in San Diego, can Davi Millsaps or James Stewart get Suzuki their first win?
· Chad Reed holds the all-time win record in San Diego at six
· Jeremy McGrath has five wins in San Diego
· McGrath, Stewart, and Ryan Villopoto have won in San Diego in both the 250SX and 450SX Classes, can Ryan Dungey join them?
· Honda has won 10 of 11 races in San Diego from 1985 to 1996
· San Diego hosted the season opener in 1985
· Honda has had five event sweeps in San Diego, Yamaha has had two. Kawasaki swept the event last season with Villopoto and Dean Wilson.
· Millsaps will be making his 100th career and 100th consecutive 450SX Class start, tying him with Kevin Windham on the all-time consecutive start list. He would become the 18th racer in 450SX Class history with 100 starts.
· Villopoto won the 118th race of his career last year in San Diego
· In winning last year’s Main Event in San Diego, Villopoto became the first rider to win two consecutive races on the season
450SX Class: Wins by Brand in San Diego: Honda: 13, Yamaha: 13, Kawasaki: 3

250SX Class: San Diego Stats

* The first race was held on January 26, 1985, and Todd Campbell won on a Kawasaki
* San Diego is home to the first-ever 250SX Class Main Event
* This will be the 27th time the gate will drop for 250SX Class Main Event
* Stewart and McGrath share the all-time win record at 2, can Tomac join them?
* Stewart and McGrath won Main Events in San Diego in back-to-back seasons

250SX Class: Wins by Brand in San Diego: Kawasaki: 10, Honda: 8, Yamaha: 5, Suzuki: 2, KTM: 1

450SX Class Laps Led: Ryan Villopoto: 35, Justin Barcia: 20, Ryan Dungey: 19, Davi Millsaps: 17, Trey Canard: 7, Jake Weimer: 1, Mike Alessi: 1

250SX Class Laps Led: Eli Tomac: 28, Cole Seely: 21, Ken Roczen: 19, Martin Davalos: 7

Past Winners in San Diego

450SX Class

February 11, 2012: Ryan Villopoto
February 19, 2011: Chad Reed
February 6, 2010: Davi Millsaps
February 14, 2009: James Stewart
February 9, 2008: Chad Reed
February 17, 2007: Chad Reed
February 11, 2006: James Stewart
February 19, 2005: Chad Reed
January 24, 2004: Chad Reed
February 8, 2003: Chad Reed
January 12, 2002: David Vuillemin
January 13, 2001: Ricky Carmichael
January 22, 2000: David Vuillemin
January 16, 1999: Ezra Lusk
February 7, 1998: Jeremy McGrath
February 10, 1996: Jeremy McGrath
February 11, 1995: Jeremy McGrath
February 5, 1994: Jeremy McGrath
February 6, 1993: Jeremy McGrath
February 8, 1992: Damon Bradshaw
February 9, 1991: Jean-Michael Bayle
February 10, 1990: Jeff Stanton
February 11, 1989: Rick Johnson
February 14, 1987: Rick Johnson
February 8, 1986: Rick Johnson
January 26, 1985: Johnny O’Mara
November 16, 1982: Broc Glover
November 14, 1981: Broc Glover
October 25, 1980: Mike Bell

250SX Class

February 11, 2012: Dean Wilson
February 19, 2011: Eli Tomac
February 6, 2010: Jake Weimer
February 19, 2009: Ryan Dungey
February 9, 2008: Jason Lawrence
February 17, 2007: Ryan Villopoto
February 11, 2006: Andrew Short
February 19, 2005: Nathan Ramsey
January 24, 2004: Ivan Tedesco
February 8, 2003: James Stewart
January 12, 2002: James Stewart
January 13, 2001: Justin Buckelew
January 22, 2000: Greg Schnell
January 16, 1999: Casey Johnson
February 7, 1998: John Dowd
February 10, 1996: Jeff Wiloh
February 11, 1995: Damon Huffman
February 5, 1994: Ryan Hughes
February 6, 1993: Mickael Pichon
February 8, 1992: Jeremy McGrath
February 9, 1991: Jeremy McGrath
February 10, 1990: Ty Davis
February 11, 1989: Jeff Matiasevich
February 14, 1987: Kyle Lewis
February 8, 1986: Donny Schmit
January 26, 1985: Todd Campbell


Davi Millsaps is the series points leader coming in San Diego 2013


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