It’s Round 8, in Atlanta’s GeorgiaDome. The 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series is featuring great story lines in both the premiere 450 SX class, and the 250 East class.

In the 450 class – how many of you predicted that Davi Millsaps would be wearing the red plate (as the series points leader) coming into Atlanta? If you did, you should congratulate yourself, and head to Vegas to lay down a bet on your next prediction.

Davi is leading the series points coming into Atlanta, and, he shows no sign of giving up that red plate any time soon. Davi is better than he’s ever been. He’s strong mentally, physically, rides a great bike, and his team is just what he needs to have him performing at 100%. The Rockstar Energy Suzuki team.

Ryan Dungey. Ryan won the 2010 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. He knows what it takes to win. And he’s right in the points chase (second position) and usually gets stronger as a series continues. Why? Ryan has experience, a great attitude, is in great condition, and also has a team that fits him 100%. The Red Bull KTM team.

Ryan Villopoto. Ryan won last week in Dallas. Ryan has won more races this season than anyone. Ryan is the defending champion. Ryan knows what he has to do – win races. If he wins races, the rest will take care of itself. Ryan is amazing in the fact that he’s suffered a few injuries during his career, and always comes back even stronger! Ryan has everything is takes to win just like Davi and Ryan Dungey. Look for Ryan on the number 1 Monster Energy Kawasaki 450.

RV says “Starts are definitely important. I’ve had a target on my back this year, everyone knows that, and it’s stressful. I’m just trying to have fun with riding again. If we get third, it’s on the podium, and if it’s second, that’s good too. Davi (Millsaps) has been riding really good this year, so we have to just chip away at it. It’s going to take a while.”

And guess who is going to race in the 450 class starting this weekend? Eli Tomac – the current 250 West champion!

Eli says “I’m fired up and excited to race this 450. I don’t think I could have picked a better place to make my debut because Atlanta is always a packed house and the fans are loud. I love that crazy feeling you get in that building. It’ll be fun racing against some different guys and this also will be the first time in my career that I’ll be running in the East in Supercross so I’m anxious to see how the tracks are set-up. I love the new Honda 450. I rode it at the Monster Energy Cup and came away in third place overall so I hope I’ll be able to contest for some podium finishes in these four races. The 250 class is very fast and a lot of times we’re running the same lap times as the 450s so I expect to feel fairly comfortable right from the start. I really can’t wait to run 450s full time. I’m ready.

Tomac will contest four 450SX races while the tour is in the East – Atlanta, St. Louis, Daytona, Fla., and Indianapolis — before returning to a 250 when the West series completes its final three races in Seattle, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. He currently ranks second in the 250SX West standings after winning four of the first six races.

Add in past champions like James Stewart and Chad Reed, both of whom have yet to win a main this year, along with Honda’s Justin Barcia and Trey CanardSaturday at the GeorgiaDome is going to be epic.

Last week in Dallas, the big winners were Ryan Villopoto and Dean Wilson. It was the first “East” race of the season, and Wilson was the winner. He says about Atlanta “I’m excited to get back to racing this weekend. I’m definitely ready to try and get another win for the PC team.”

The 250 East features not only Dean Wilson, but Blake Wharton, Wil Hahn, Marvin Musquin, Zach Bell, Justin Hill, and others.

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Monster Energy Supercross Notes Package – Atlanta – courtesy Feld Motorsports

450SX Class:

* The first race was held on March 5, 1977, and Bob Hannah won on a Yamaha
* This will be the 35th time the gate will drop for a 450SX Class race in Atlanta
* Yamaha won the first-ever race in Atlanta; it was held in Fulton County stadium
* In 1992, Yamaha’s Damon Bradshaw won the last-ever 450SX Class race held at Fulton County Stadium
* In 1993, Bradshaw won the first-ever 450SX Class race at the Georgia Dome
* Bradshaw ended up becoming the first rider to ever win three-in-a row in Atlanta
* Bradshaw and Mark Barnett won their last 450SX Class races in Atlanta
* On his 17th-career 450SX Class start, Davi Millsaps won the first premier class race of his career in Atlanta
* Dungey earned his fist 250SX Class win in 2007; he won the 450SX Class race in Atlanta in 2010 and 2012

450SX Class: Wins by Brand in Atlanta. Yamaha: 11, Honda: 10, Kawasaki: 7, Suzuki: 5, KTM: 1

450SX Class: First Time Winners in Atlanta. Bob Hannah: 1977, Chuck Sun: 1980, Jeff Stanton: 1989, Damon Huffman: 1997, Davi Millsaps: 2008

250SX Class:

* The first race was held on February 23, 1985, and Eddie Warren won on a Kawasaki
* This will be the 27th time the gate will drop for a 250SX Class race in Atlanta
* On races in Atlanta held on February 23rd, Honda has won two, Kawasaki and Yamaha have one a piece.
* KTM has never won a 250SX Class race in Atlanta

250SX Class: First time Winners in Atlanta. Eddie Warren, 1985, Kawasaki, Keith Turpin, 1986, Honda, Denny Stephenson, 1990, Suzuki, Doug Henry, 1993, Honda, John Dowd, 1996, Yamaha, Ricky Carmichael, 1997, Kawasaki, Josh Grant, 2006, Honda, Ryan Dungey, 2007, Suzuki, Trey Canard, 2008, Honda, Dean Wilson, 2011, Kawasaki.

250SX Class: Wins by brand in Atlanta. Kawasaki: 8, Yamaha: 7, Honda: 7, Suzuki: 4

450SX Class laps led: Ryan Villopoto: 55, Davi Millsaps: 37, Justin Barcia: 20, Ryan Dungey: 19, Trey Canard: 7, Jake Weimer: 1, Mike Alessi: 1

250SX Class laps led: Eli Tomac: 39, Cole Seely: 21, Ken Roczen: 19, Dean Wilson: 15, Martin Davalos: 7, Jason Anderson: 4

Past Winners in Atlanta

450SX Class

February 25, 2012: Ryan Dungey
February 26, 2011: Ryan Villopoto
February 27, 2010: Ryan Dungey
February 21, 2009: James Stewart
February 23, 2008: Davi Millsaps
February 24, 2007: James Stewart
February 25, 2006: Ricky Carmichael
February 26, 2005: Ricky Carmichael
February 28, 2004: Chad Reed
February 22, 2003: Ricky Carmichael
February 23, 2002: Ricky Carmichael
February 24, 2001: Ricky Carmichael
February 26, 2000: Jeremy McGrath
February 20, 1999: Jeremy McGrath
February 21, 1998: Jeremy McGrath
February 22, 1997: Damon Huffman
February 24, 1996: Jeremy McGrath
February 25, 1995: Mike LaRocco
February 26, 1994: Jeremy McGrath
February 20, 1993: Damon Bradshaw
February 22, 1992: Damon Bradshaw
February 23, 1991: Damon Bradshaw
February 24, 1990: Jeff Ward
February 25, 1989: Jeff Stanton
February 22, 1986: Rick Johnson
February 23, 1985: Mark Barnett
February 25, 1984: Johnny O’Mara
March 5, 1983: Mark Barnett
February 27, 1982: Bob Hannah
February 28, 1981: Mark Barnett
March 1, 1980: Chuck Sun
March 3, 1979: Bob Hannah
March 4, 1978: Marty Tripes
March 5, 1977: Bob Hannah

250SX Class

February 25, 2012: Justin Barcia
February 26, 2011: Dean Wilson
February 26, 2010: Christophe Pourcel
February 21, 2009: Christophe Pourcel
February 23, 2008: Trey Canard
February 24, 2007: Ryan Dungey
February 25, 2006: Josh Grant
February 26, 2005: Grant Langston
February 28, 2004: James Stewart
February 22, 2003: Brock Sellards
February 23, 2002: Chad Reed
February 24, 2001: Nathan Ramsey
February 26, 2000: Stephane Roncada
February 20, 1999: Ernesto Fonseca
February 21, 1998: Ricky Carmichael
February 22, 1997: Ricky Carmichael
February 24, 1996: John Dowd
February 25, 1995: Mickael Pichon
February 26, 1994: Ezra Lusk
February 20, 1993: Doug Henry
February 22, 1992: Brian Swink
February 23, 1991: Brian Swink
February 24, 1990: Denny Stephenson
February 25, 1989: Damon Bradshaw
February 22, 1986: Keith Turpin


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