Saturday night will be round five of the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

Let’s start by hearing what Davi Millsaps, Ryan Villopoto, Trey Canard, Chad Reed, James Stewart, Justin Barcia, Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, Cole Seely, Broc Tickle and Ricky Carmichael have to say …

Series points leader Davi Millsaps: “It was a good ending to a day that started off not that great and I’m pretty excited about it. Pretty cool ride in Oakland. First practice and second practice were not that great. Third practice was better but I was still uncomfortable and not feeling it. Even in the Heat Race I was struggling. To come out on the podium, I definitely got my confidence back up to where it needs to be. Next week is next week. I’m going to take this one step at a time.”

Defending Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto: “The points race is what we are going after, and winning the holeshot gives you a great advantage. We made some changes to the bike today that I think really helped us out there tonight, so hats off to my team. It is a long season, and we are going to keep plugging away. I always like racing at Angel Stadium. We’ve made some adjustments to my KX450F and things are starting to turn around for us. I just need to keep working hard and finishing as best I can so I can retake the points lead.”

Trey Canard: “It was a tough night but a good night at the same time. I went down in the big crash in turn two and my bike got stuck on someone else’s, then I made a mistake about halfway through the race and went down again. I’m happy to have salvaged a fourth-place finish and am looking forward to Anaheim 3 Saturday.”

Chad Reed: “We need to be there fighting for podiums if we’re going to be challenging for this Championship, last week it all went wrong and we’re really looking to bounce back strongly. We’re back at Anaheim again so we mostly know what to expect – I think we’ve learned a lot after two races here already, now it’s time to get the results we’re capable of. The guys that are getting on the box each week are showing us all just how important it is to get a good start and get through those first few corners cleanly. I think we’ll be right there and I know I’m capable of fighting hard.”

James Stewart comments on the Oakland race: “I got a bad start in the Main in Oakland, but made some great passes in the first turn and whoop section. Then in that second corner, a rider got out of control and cut another guy off and they pile-drove me pretty good and I hurt my knee again. Eventually, I got up and went to jump the triple and landed, and my throttle was stuck. It was one of those races.”

Justin Barcia comments on the Oakland race: “I’m feeling pretty banged up and sore and mad that this happened another weekend (a crash) but overall I am OK.”

250 West SX points leader Ken Roczen: “I am so happy with this win in Oakland. There was a lot of bar banging on that opening lap, but I charged hard and got out front. I am excited to bring this momentum back to Angel Stadium.”

250 West SX defending champion Eli Tomac: “Oakland was a frustrating night, for sure. I didn’t get the kind of start that I wanted and wound up getting in a big pile-up. I was able to get back up from that but a little while later I lost it in the whoops. The competition in this class is so close that you can’t afford to have bad nights like this. I need to go back and focus on my starts for A3. I bruised my knee a little too but it’s really not bothered me at all this week. I actually had a really good test session on Tuesday and I think we’re getting my bike better. We worked on chassis and suspension to get me more comfortable so I can get it working better on the track. The only thing now is that I’m the hunter instead of the hunted. It’s fine – there’s a ways to go. We’ve got some points to make up now. It’s like déjà vu from last year (in San Diego). It’s actually kind of ridiculous how similar it is but the main thing is that I’m ok. This season isn’t anywhere close to being over.”

Cole Seely comments about the Oakland race: “The track was really slippery and the traction was on and off all day. I just got really tight towards the end of the race, but I am getting more and more comfortable in the lead so hopefully I can grab a win in Anaheim or San Diego.”

Broc Tickle: “Last week in Oakland practice went well. We made some changes before the first timed practice and we may have gone the wrong way. We changed our combination back for the second timed practice and I felt the best that I have all year at the track. We came out seventh in the second timed practice and I felt great. I made a little mistake in the Heat Race and jumped off the track and face planted into a hay bale. I got up and finished down in the pack and had to go run the LCQ. The LCQ was good. I had a great start and got the lead pretty early and just settled into a good ride to make the Main Event. It’s kind of nice to go to the LCQ. It’s the most nervous you’ll ever be at the race track. I want to stay away from the LCQ’s, but it was good tonight to get some track time. I loved the track. In the Main I started way outside and just did the best that I could to get up front and survive the first turn. I weaseled my way through the first two corners because a lot of guys went down and I started just picking guys off. I missed some guys in the first corner and I just kept looking ahead and watched guys fall to the ground in the second corner and just scooted by them. There were guys everywhere and I just basically weaved my way through the mess and kept riding. I settled in and struggled getting around Shorty (Andrew Short) and had to be patient. There were a few guys that I just couldn’t get around but I was riding a good pace. We got an eighth-place finish. We were better than last week and that was the goal, keep on improving every week.”

Ricky Carmichael, 15-time AMA Supercross and Motocross Champion, and co-owner of the RCH Racing Team comments: “A lot of inconsistency from everybody after four rounds. The only guy that has been consistent is Davi Millsaps. He’s been a factor in every race so far this year and that’s why he’s in the position that he’s in. It seems to me that Ryan Villopoto the last few weeks is starting to get back to his winning ways. I think that he’s getting back to where I expected him to be. Overall, the inconsistency of all the riders has been unreal. One weekend a guy finishes fifth and the next he’s 18th because of a wreck. It’s been good for us at RCH Racing; and outside of A1 – where we had a throw-away race when we got caught up in Villopoto’s stuff – Broc has been really consistent and helped us points-wise and we haven’t fallen too far behind. With one good weekend, we could be seventh in rider points. I think that all the pieces of the puzzle are getting closer for Broc. The bottom line is he’s getting better, but he’s a little frustrated because he knows how good he can race. He’s improved every week, he knows that he has to start the races better and we’ve talked about that all year. I can see the fire starting to get lit in him and he’s getting better results every single weekend. His best finish last year was a seventh and he almost beat that last weekend in Oakland. I’m interested in seeing where everyone is going to be a few months from now. I like the direction we’re heading. Broc’s fire is lit and I think he’s ready to go and ride inside that top-five, top-six. Regarding inconsistency and crashes – you have to complete every lap. And as hard as it is sometimes, you have to put yourself in good position, knowing that things are going to get sketchy those first few laps. You really have to focus looking forward and predict what’s going to happen until things thin out. You have to put yourself in the best possible position early in the race to get the best result possible. Every weekend it’s ‘gotten better for Broc and I’m looking forward in seeing how he rides in Anaheim.”

This weekend’s race will air live on SPEED at 7:30 p.m. PT.

Monster Energy Supercross Notes Package courtesy Feld Motorsports

The first supercross race held in Anaheim was December 4, 1976, when Marty Smith won on a Honda. This weekend’s race will be the 60th time the gate will drop for a race in Anaheim in 38 years.

450SX Class: Wins by Brand in Anaheim: Yamaha: 20, Honda: 19, Kawasaki: 12, Suzuki: 8

450SX Class: First time Winners in Anaheim: 1978: Gaylon Mosier, 1979: Kent Howerton, 1982: Donnie Hansen, 1983: David Bailey, 1984: Johnny O’Mara, 1990: Damon Bradshaw, 1993: Jeremy Mcgrath, 2003: Chad Reed, 2009: Josh Grant

250SX: Wins by Brand in Anaheim: Kawasaki: 24, Honda: 12, Suzuki: 8, Yamaha: 6, KTM: 3

450SX Class Laps Led: Ryan Villopoto: 35, Justin Barcia: 20, Davi Millsaps: 17, Trey Canard: 7, Jake Weimer: 1

250SX Class Laps Led: Eli Tomac: 28, Cole Seely: 21, Martin Davalos: 7, Ken Roczen: 4

Past Winners in Anaheim

450SX Class

January 5, 2013 Davi Millsaps
January 19, 2013 Ryan Villopoto
February 4, 2012 Ryan Villopoto
January 7, 2012 Ryan Villopoto
February 5, 2011: James Stewart
January 8, 2011: Ryan Villopoto
February 13, 2010: Ryan Villopoto
January 23, 2010: Ryan Dungey
January 9, 2010: James Stewart
February 7, 2009: James Stewart
January 17, 2009: James Stewart
January 3, 2009: Josh Grant
February 2, 2008: Chad Reed
January 19, 2008: Chad Reed
January 5, 2008: Chad Reed
February 3, 2007: James Stewart
January 20, 2007: James Stewart
January 6, 2007: James Stewart
February 4, 2006: Ricky Carmichael
January 21, 2006: Ricky Carmichael
January 7, 2006: James Stewart
February 5, 2005: Ricky Carmichael
January 22, 2005: Ricky Carmichael
January 8, 2005: Kevin Windham
January 31, 2004: Kevin Windham
January 17, 2004: Chad Reed
January 3, 2004: Chad Reed
February 1, 2003: Ricky Carmichael
January 18, 2003: Ricky Carmichael
January 4, 2003: Chad Reed
February 2, 2002: Ricky Carmichael
January 19, 2002: Mike LaRocco
January 5, 2002: David Vuillemin
February 3, 2001: Ricky Carmichael
January 20, 2001: Jeremy McGrath
January 6, 2001: Jeremy McGrath
January 15, 2000: Jeremy McGrath
January 8, 2000: Jeremy McGrath
February 6, 1999: Ezra Lusk
January 9, 1999: Ezra Lusk
January 27, 1996: Jeremy McGrath
January 28, 1995: Jeremy McGrath
January 29, 1994: Jeremy McGrath
January 23, 1993: Jeremy McGrath
January 25, 1992: Damon Bradshaw
January 26, 1991: Jeff Stanton
January 27, 1990: Damon Bradshaw
January 28, 1989: Rick Johnson
January 31, 1987: Jeff Ward
January 18, 1986: David Bailey
February 2, 1985: Broc Glover
January 28, 1984: Johnny O’Mara
January 29, 1983: David Bailey
January 30, 1982: Donnie Hansen
January 31, 1981: Kent Howerton
November 17, 1979 Kent Howerton
November 11, 1978: Gaylon Mosier
November 12, 1977: Bob Hannah
December 4, 1976: Marty Smith

250SX Class

January 5, 2013 Eli Tomac
January 19, 2013 Eli Tomac
February 4, 2012: Eli Tomac
January 7, 2012: Cole Seely
February 5, 2011: Joshua Hansen
January 8, 2011: Joshua Hansen
February 13, 2010: Trey Canard
January 23, 2010: Jake Weimer
January 9, 2010: Jake Weimer
February 7, 2009: Jake Weimer
January 17, 2009: Ryan Dungey
January 3, 2009: Jake Weimer
February 2, 2008: Jason Lawrence
January 19, 2008: Ryan Dungey
January 5, 2008: Ryan Dungey
February 3, 2007: Ryan Villopoto
January 20, 2007: Ryan Villopoto
January 6, 2007: Ryan Villopoto
February 4, 2006: Grant Langston
January 21, 2006: Grant Langston
January 7, 2006: Andrew Short
February 5, 2005: Ivan Tedesco
January 22, 2005: Ivan Tedesco
January 8, 2005: Nathan Ramsey
January 31, 2004: Ivan Tedesco
January 17, 2004: Ivan Tedesco
January 3, 2004: Ivan Tedesco
February 1, 2003: James Stewart
January 18, 2003: James Stewart
January 4, 2003: Travis Preston
February 2, 2002: Brock Sellards
January 19, 2002: David Pingree
January 5, 2002: Travis Preston
February 3, 2001: Ernesto Fonseca
January 20, 2001: Ernesto Fonseca
January 6, 2001: Ernesto Fonseca
January 15, 2000: Tallon Vohland
January 8, 2000: David Pingree
February 6, 1999: Nathan Ramsey
January 9, 1999: Casey Johnson
January 27, 1996: Kevin Windham
January 28, 1995: Damon Huffman
January 29, 1994: Damon Huffman
January 9, 1993: Damon Huffman
January 25, 1992: Jeremy McGrath
January 26, 1991: Jeremy McGrath
January 27, 1990: Michael Craig
January 28, 1989: Jeff Matiasevich
January 31, 1987: Jeff Matiasevich
January 18, 1986: Tyson Vohland
February 2, 1985: Mike Healy

Davi Millsaps


Crash in Oakland - 2nd corner - 450 Main Event

The crash in Oakland – second corner, 450 Main Event



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