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This weekend, the AMA Nationals are in Texas. But I’m at home preparing for next weekend’s FIM French Grand Prix of Motocross. I work with the TV company and organizer that televises all the Grand Prix Motocross races around the world. My current job with them is primarily ‘pit reporting’, but I also get to do some features with the riders and teams that travel the world circuit, which is a lot of fun.

Early Wednesday morning, I’m back to Europe!

So, what do I do before a race? You might be surprised, but it takes a lot of time to get ready! Most of my friends think “Oh Amanda, that wonderful, you get to go to France. How fun!”


Preparing for the French Motocross Grand Prix & TV - Photo 1 of 2


Well, it is fun. And the people there treat me so well. But as with any form of media, there are definite time demands that can’t wait. And that certainly applies to TV and what we do on the Internet with Supercross.com! No one wants Sunday’s news on Monday!

This past week I’ve been preparing and studying what’s happened with the racing over the last few events that I have not attended. (David Philappaerts and Tony Cairoli lead the MX1 and MX2 classes respectfully. To see the results from the World Championship Motocross Grand Prix Series, you can visit this link.) Keeping track of who’s done well, who hasn’t done well, their placings, what the races have been like, what the storylines are, and especially what’s coming up next week at the circuit St. Jean d’Angely.

I’ve even brushed up a bit on my French : ) La France a de bonnes éclairs & Je vais profiter de certains grands vins! : )

What else have I been doing this week? I had to get (because of new laws in France) my International Drivers License just to be able rent a car. The plane reservation … well … that took about 6 hours on the phone! And that was about 5 hour 55 minutes more than I planned! Next I planned the drive and mapped out the driving directions from Paris airport to St. Jean d’Angely. Sunday after the race, I’ll have a couple hours of sleep before heading back to the Paris airport (a long drive – that was the only place I could get tickets this late to fly into even though the race is in the far southwestern part of France!) to return the rental and make the plane flight back to California.

So, as the French say, C’est tout pour maintenant! And Parlez-en à vous plus tard!



p.s. And I still have to pack!


Preparing for the French Motocross Grand Prix & TV - Photo 2 of 2



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