Aguanga CA February 10, 2003: PointXCamp has developed its new Motocross Program for 2003 and beyond in parternship with 7-time AMA Champion Rick Johnson.

The programs will span a wide variety of off road motorcycling, including a complete Motocross Training curriculum for beginner, expert, pro, or mini. This curriculum will focus on skills including jumps, corners, starts, picking lines, body positioning, mental conditioning, physical training, bike maintenance, and more.

Students will be presented with complete training materials and the ability to record improvements and set new goals based on Rick Johnson’s proven training methods. Additionally, Rick and PointXCamp will provide specific training programs for serious amateurs looking to prepare for national events at strategic dates throughout the year. Finally, the program will provide a unique introduction to off-road motorcycling for true beginners in the safest and most effective environment possible.

“This combination will provide a unique experience for anyone who wants to improve their motocross skills or introduce themselves to this exciting sport. PointXCamp chose Rick Johnson as our partner for this effort based on his overwhelming success as a professional athlete, his proven skills as an instructor for all ages and skill levels, and his vast understanding of the off road motorcycle community. We at PointXCamp are certain Rick will not only uphold the philosophies and quality benchmarks we have developed, but will help us continue to improve them as well.” Stated Jason Pennington, co-owner of PointXCamp.

“I have been attracted to the PointXCamp project from the beginning. I met with the owners and staff involved very early on in the project and expressed my interest in being involved, and I am thrilled that the timing and opportunity was finally realized. PointXCamp provides a necessary component to effective training and allows each visitor to focus on improving themselves and their skills, while at the same time creating an environment where kids can be kids, meet new friends, and take advantage of all that a camp facility like PointX has to offer.” Says Rick Johnson. “I have witnessed the kind of dedication and attention to detail that PointXCamp has committed themselves to firsthand. I sent my kids to camp before I agreed to this partnership and they had a blast. I couldn’t have come up with a better evaluation if I tried” he continues.

“This partnership will allow us to create a program never before seen in the motocross community.” Adds Randy Cole, co-owner of PointXCamp. He continues by saying “Rick Johnson brings with him a skill level and experience that is unsurpassed, and he understands what we believe the PointXCamp experience stands for. This group will present the most comprehensive Motocross training camp in the U.S.”

Training visitors will bring their bike and gear and PointXCamp will provide housing, food, skate boarding, BMX, wake boarding, paint ball, and a list of other recreational activities. Additionally, PointXCamp will offer fresh bikes and gear for campers who don’t have equipment or choose not to bring their own.

PointXCamp is the leading Action Sports Training Camp in Southern California. Situated on over 260 acres just outside of Los Angeles and San Diego, PointX has the perfect climate and landscape. The campus features over 75,000 square feet of skate park as well as acres of BMX dirt trails, ABA Sanctioned BMX Track and a 5-acre lake. Other amenities include a swimming pool, video production lab, paint ball course and multiple PlayStation 2 video arcades.

To learn more about Point X Camp, visit this link.

PointXCamp’s new Motocross Training Program - Photo 1 of 4
Skate bowl

PointXCamp’s new Motocross Training Program - Photo 2 of 4

PointXCamp’s new Motocross Training Program - Photo 3 of 4
Night skating

PointXCamp’s new Motocross Training Program - Photo 4 of 4
BMX backflip into the foam!

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