Raymond Terrace, NSW – JDR Motorsports/Motorex/KTM rider PJ Larsen swept all three motos at the fifth round of the Australian Motocross Series to take the overall win and increase his points lead.

With heavy rains the week prior to the race, all participants thought they would have a mud race on their hands. Although, the track had some rough mud sections the track was in better condition than expected.

Larsen practiced early in the day and was able to get his lines dialed in. He started ticking off fast lap times and would eventually qualify first into the main event with a 0.4 second faster lap time than the next fastest qualifier.

Larsen started on the outside of the gate for moto one to avoid some of the mud that was in the middle of the start straight. Larsen garnered a 5th place start and patiently made his passes, careful not to push too hard and slide out in the mud. Soon Larsen found himself in the lead position right around the halfway mark. He continued to pull a sizable lead and settled into a good pace to take the first moto win.

In the second moto he lined up one gate inside of where he started in the first moto and pulled another good start. Larsen was again in 5th place around the first corner and used the same game plan to get around the lead riders. Once out front, he again pulled a good lead and another moto win for the day.

The third moto was his best start of the day as he came around the first turn in 2nd position behind his teammate Ryan Marmont. By the second turn, Larsen had moved into the lead. He sprinted right away and settled into a good pace at front to win the final moto of the day and walk away with a perfect score and an overall victory. Larsen is 1st in the point standings with a 55 point lead.

Team Sponsors: JDR Motorsports, Motorex, KTM, MxRad, Shift, Pirelli, Fuel Sports, Psychology, Scott, FMF, trainer Brad Johnson and Chiropractor Steve Navarro.


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