Round 2

Supercross results
1. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
2. Chad Reed YAM    
3. James Stewart KAW    
4. Jeremy McGrath HON    
5. Nick Wey HON    
6. Michael Byrne KAW    
7. Ernesto Fonseca HON    
8. Mike LaRocco HON    
9. Ivan Tedesco SUZ    
10. David Vuillemin HON    
11. Travis Preston HON    
12. Jeff Gibson HON    
13. Ryan Clark HON    
14. Clark Stiles YAM    
15. Tim Ferry HON    
16. Michael Brown SUZ    
17. Jason Thomas HON    
18. Erick Vallejo HON    
19. Tyler Evans SUZ    
20. Robbie Reynard HON    
Point standings
Ricky Carmichael 45
James Stewart 45
Chad Reed 44
Mike LaRocco 31
Nick Wey 30
Ernesto Fonseca 29
Jeremy McGrath 28
Ivan Tedesco 28
Michael Byrne 27
Travis Preston 23
David Vuillemin 22
Jeff Gibson 16
Mike Brown 14
Ryan Clark 13
Clark Stiles 11
Kyle Lewis 8
Jason Thomas 7
Tim Ferry 6
Justin Buckelew 6
Erick Vallejo 5
Lites results
1. Nate Ramsey KTM    
2. Billy Laninnovich HON    
3. Grant Langston KAW    
4. Ryan Villopoto KAW    
5. Andrew Short HON    
6. Sean Collier YAM    
7. Paul Carpenter HON    
8. Darcy Lange KAW    
9. Brett Metcalfe YAM    
10. Mike Alessi KTM    
11. Jake Weimer HON    
12. Jesse Casillas HON    
13. Eric Sorby HON    
14. Kyle Partridge YAM    
15. Jeff Dement SUZ    
16. Michael Sleeter KTM    
17. Billy Swapp KAW    
18. Justin Keeney HON    
19. Rodrig Thain KAW    
20. Jason Lawrence SUZ    
Point standings
Billy Laninovich 42
Andrew Short 41
Ryan Villopoto 40
Grant Langston 38
Nate Ramsey 34
Darcy Lange 29
Paul Carpenter 29
Brett Metcalfe 25
Jake Weimer 24
Mike Alessi 23
Eric Sorby 19
Jesse Casillas 17
Sean Collier 15
Kyle Partridge 11
Andrew Mcfarlane 10
Michael Sleeter 10
Justin Brayton 7
Jeff Dement 6
Akira Narita 6
Billy Swapp 4

Chase Field

Carmichael strikes back, Ramsey takes Lites

Ricky Carmichael was the winner of the 20 lap main event tonight in Phoenix. He was running second until lap ten when he passed Chad Reed for the lead. Carmichael showed what a champion is made of by coming back strong after his disappointing crash last week in Anaheim.

After riding in the lead for the first half of the race, Chad Reed finished second after making a couple of small mistakes.

James Stewart finished third. He tipped over in the first corner, got going again in last place, and was able to slice his way back up into 3rd. Nice job!

Jeremy “Part Time” McGrath finished 4th. Jeremy took the hole shot and would lead the until midway through the second lap.

Notes: Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart are tied in points with 45 each. Chad Reed has 44. The fastest laps tonight were just over 52 seconds.

Lites; Nate Ramsey rode a smart race and won the 15 lap main event. Billy Laninovich came in second. Grant Langston charged through the pack to finish third.

Chad Reed, Travis Pastrana, and Jeremy McGrath back packs!

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