Remember I am NOT a trained nutritionist, doctor, or fitness instruction, I am a normal human being who is sharing what is working for me.

I am 34, and a mother of two. If you are into the motocross scene like I am, then you are aware that this is basically the off season for women’s motocross. I’m not saying their isn’t any racing going on, because you can always find a race or series to participate in. I have found that many of the riders who just finished competing in the AMA Women’s Motocross Series are now taking a break …. and getting ready to pack on a couple pounds.

Hmmmmmm ….. maybe not the best idea, especially for a competitive athlete. Maybe now is the perfect time to build on what you have achieved in 2009 and become the racing machine you dream of being for 2010!

I have become a tad bit obsessed with the idea of heath and fitness. If you are my friend on Facebook you may or may not be tired of my mood updates which pretty much consist of entirely work and fitness. Its true, I’m 100% Mom, 100% Work and 100% Heath and Fitness. At this point in my life I couldn’t imagine it anything other way. BTW, I am enjoying my new friends I meet each month (aka 1 pack, 2 pack, 3 pack, …. I cant wait until I have met all 6 of them! : )I do want touch base on some awesome heath & fitness regiments that have really helped me shape myself into the (addicted : ) heath & fitness person I am today. Before I get into that, I do want to share with you my reason for V-lining directly to my new addiction. I have been riding / racing MX for the past 15 years, and 5 years ago I had my first son (Talon) and then two years ago I had my daughter (Savy). Of course – all life changing as a woman!

I’m now a Mom, priorities change and so did my passion for being on the bike so many days each week. I battled with what I would call a slight depression …. should I continue riding or park the bikes?

In May of 2009, a new feeling came over me and I was OK with moving into a new sport. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still ready to ride and I haven’t parked my dirtbikes! I’m just OK with being a ‘recreational’ rider, and being a Mom comes first. And in moving forward in life, fitness, the gym, working out, has become my ‘new’ sport.Having fitness be my new sport of choice was not easy. It’s not the same as getting on my MX bikes, railing a few corners, hitting a few jumps, and then call it a day. No no no! Having fitness as my new sport is a new way of life for me.

With fitness comes improved health and with improved health comes a whole new lifestyle. And that my friends is where I am at today.My goal here will be to add some fitness info though out my regular blogging schedule here at MXGirls. Today I wanted to share with you what I feel is the most important beginning to setting yourself to be a fitness & health addict like myself. Because I have a big handful of friends who are so lazy they feel like they are hitting rock bottom, I decided to share my findings with them, which now I am sharing with you.Women have an excuse for everything when it comes to health and fitness, don’t we? I work too much, … I have to focus on my kids, … I have to focus on my husband/boyfriend, … I just need a nap, … I don’t need to work out because I’m young, …. I’m naturally thin, … I’m bloated, … it’s that time of the month, so on and so on and so on. Trust me, I am guilty of it too, (except the naturally thin stuff) so here is my advice:

Lets get our priorities straight and start feeding our body the necessary supplements it needs to perform in a healthy manner. Lets get our vitamins straight!

Yes, its similar to going to Detox to become healthy, and I promise it sucks booty. Imagine a month of “commitment”, … but lets just start week by week, and with your vitamins and water intake. It will make a difference just starting with that, and then it will be easier for you to focus on your fitness routine. Also, these vitamins I am going to suggest will take away all your fun monthly ‘PMS’ symptoms.

Between you and I, PMS symptoms are the most common excuse I had to be lazy and eat crappy almost 2 weeks out of the month. Making sure your vitamin intake is on schedule will help your body fight off many PMS symptoms.

Here is my disclaimer. I’m not a doctor. You should always consult your doctor for your needs. But I want to share with you what is working for me: (It is about a $70 – $100 investment every 3 months)

  • Vitamin D 800 IU per day
  • Calcium / ZINC / Magnesium 1000 mg per day
  • Slow Release Iron 45.5 mg
  • Womans Daily or Centrum Daily Multivitamin (The reason I feel you should also have a daily multivitamin is because our body only retains a certain amount of the vitamin we are putting in.)
  • Natures EFA made by Nu-Tek – Omega 3, 6, & 9 w/ Sesamin
  • Monavie 1-cup a day fruits/fiber
  • 32 oz Water – At least !!
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I thought I would check with my buddy Elizabeth Bash who won the Bronze at XGames this year, and ask her what her fitness and riding regiment was like … here is what she told me:

Monday – Spin bike, some push ups and sit ups. I do a lot of things that don’t involve weights

Tuesday – Ride MX, swim in the afternoon

Wednesday – Ride MX, swim or go for a long walk

Thursday – Ride MX, work on my bike

Friday – Spin bike, push ups, sit ups.

Well, I hope you head off to store and finish off 2009 with your vitamins in check and get ready to join me in my health and fitness revolution!

p.s. Remember – always consult your doctor before doing anything regarding your health, nutrition, and any changes you might be considering. It’s the best thing to do!

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