Travis Pastrana gets roasted by his friends, courtesy of Red Bull, at the Avalon in Hollywood. Travis also announced a major happening for New Year’s Eve …

It was pretty impressive to say the least. Red Bull put on a special event to honor supercross, motocross, freestyle, rally car …. overall great athlete and sports legend Travis Pastrana.

Who helped ‘roast’ Travis? Host Arj Barker (Flight of the Conchords), Tony Hawk (skateboard legend), Sal Masakela (Host of E! Daily 10), Brian Vickers (Red Bull Racing NASCAR driver), Greg Giraldo (comedian and Comedy Central roaster), Dan Levy (comedian), Ryan Sheckler (skateboarder and star MTV’s Life of Ryan), the cast members from MTV’s Nitro Circus, including Andy Bell, Jeremy Rawle, Gregg Godfrey and Jolene Van Vugt, Kelley James (singer), Debbie Pastrana (Travis’ mom), Robert Pastrana, (Travis’ dad) and Carey Hart.


Some highlights of the night included a fierce thrashing of every celebrity in the room by comedians Dan Levy and Greg Giraldo, most of which cannot be repeated without a ‘bleep’. Kid Rock (via video) recounted a New Year’s Eve party which ended with Travis BASE-jumping from his suite in the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. James Stewart gave his congratulations via video as well. And, Sherri Cruse, Travis’ girlfriend, made a surprise appearance. Only Sherri looked just like Verne Troyer (you might know him as MiniMe), with a wig. Hmmmmm ……

We don’t know a lot about the specifics of Travis’ ‘special event’ for New Years Eve. But here’s what we do know: 2009 Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. It will be in Los Angeles. It will be on New Year’s Eve. It will be live on ESPN. And it involves jumping a car. What kind of car, we don’t know. Where he’ll jump, we don’t know, except it’ll be from ‘Point A to Point B’. And we’re sure it will be distinctly Travis : )

Thanks to our friends at Red Bull for the fun evening

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