Day 1

During the first night of the 25th edition of the Paris Bercy Supercross, stars of the US series dominated the event, along with Frenchman Benjamin Coisy, who was able to battle with Chad Reed and Grant Langston.

Winner of the ‘tournament’, and the second and third races of the night, Chad Reed just missed a having a perfect night, as he came back to second behind Grant Langston in the first race of the three race finale. It was a great come-back for the Australian rider, who is appearing for his third time at Bercy.

Grant Langston was second overall tonight, with a win, a second and a third. Benjamin Coisy, from France, was third overall on the night. Dominating the French SX Tour for several years, Coisy was consistant during the entire night and got his first podium in Bercy with a third place overall; third, fourth and second. He was able to beat American riders Andrew Short & Jeremy McGrath.

The event is sold out for all three nights.

1. Reed (AUS, Yamaha)

2. Langston (AFS, Yamaha)

3. Coisy (FRA, Honda)

4. Short (USA, Honda)

5. McGrath (USA, Honda)

6. Coulon (FRA, Yamaha)

7. Musquin (FRA, Kawasaki)

8. Grant (USA, Honda)

9. Sorby (FRA, Kawasaki)

10. Paulin (FRA, Kawasaki)

11. Frossard (FRA, Kawasaki)

12. Brayton (USA, KTM)

13. Aubin (FRA, Yamaha)

14. Van Horebeek (BEL, KTM)

15. Roy (CAN, Yamaha)

16. S. Pourcel (FRA, Kawasaki)


Day 2

The second night of the Paris Bercy Supercross was again an affair between Chad Reed and Grant Langston. And once more the Australian won the night’s overall classification with three wins. He is now in good position to be crowned ‘King of Bercy’ tomorrow.

Nothing could stop Reed tonight, even a bad start due to a French pile up who stopped Benjamin Coisy and Sébastien Pourcel in the final of three heats!

1. Reed (AUS, Yamaha)

2. Short (USA, Honda)

3. Langston (AFS, Yamaha)

4. Brayton (USA, KTM)

5. Grant (USA, Honda)

6. McGrath (USA, Honda)

7. Musquin (FRA, Kawasaki)

8. Coulon (FRA, Yamaha)

9. Coisy (FRA, Honda)

10. Aubin (FRA, Yamaha)

11. Paulin (FRA, Kawasaki)

12. S. Pourcel (FRA, Kawasaki)

13. Sorby (FRA, Kawasaki)

14. Roy (CAN, Yamaha)

15. Rombault (FRA, Kawasaki)

16. Van Horebeek (BEL, KTM)


Day 3 & Overall results

Chad Reed victorious on third day of Paris Bercy Supercross, crownd King of Bercy!

Strong as ever, Chad Reed never gave up during the last night of the Paris Bercy Supercross, and claimed a third straigh success over the three nights of racing, and the overall win. Chad Reed is the King of Bercy for 2007! It’s the first “King of Bercy” title for the Australian rider, who confirmed in Paris that he will be one of the strong men of the US scene in 2008.

For his come back in Bercy after a long break, the factory Yamaha rider just let one race win to any of his rivals during the first night! Grant Langston was his main rival over the week-end, and secured a second place overall in this 25th anniversary of the most prestigious European Supercross.

“I couldn’t expect a better result for my come back in Bercy, and I’m so happy to win this race. During three nights I had to battle strongly with Grant Langston and Andrew Short, and it was a good race to prepare next season. The crowd was amazing, as always in Bercy, and I had good time here in Paris” said Reed on the podium.

Second again today was Grant Langston, who also finished second overall for the series. Third overall was Andrew Short.

1. Reed (AUS, Yamaha)

2. Langston (AFS, Yamaha)

3. Short (USA, Honda)

4. Grant (USA, Honda)

5. Brayton (USA, KTM)

6. Brown (USA, Honda)

7. Paulin (FRA, Kawasaki)

8. Coulon (FRA, Yamaha)

9. Musquin (FRA, Kawasaki)

10. DeMartis (FRA, Honda)

11. Aubin (FRA, Yamaha)

12. Soubeyras (FRA, Yamaha

13. Sorby (FRA, Kawasaki)

14. Roy (CAN, Yamaha)

15. Van Horebeek (BEL, KTM)

16. Coisy (FRA, Honda)

King of Bercy:

1. Reed (6)

2. Langston (14)

3. Short (19)

4. Grant (39)

5. Brayton (43)

6. Coulon (43)

7. Coisy (43)

8. Musquin (44)

9. Paulin (60)

10. Sorby (64)

Classement par nations: 1. USA – 4 pts. 2. France – 7. 3. Reste du Monde – 7.

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Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 1 of 9

Friday night’s podium

Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 2 of 9

Chad Reed Friday night

Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 3 of 9

Ben Coisy – Friday night

Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 4 of 9

Andrew Short – Saturday night

Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 5 of 9

Jeremy McGrath – holeshot Saturday night

Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 6 of 9

Chad Reed – one night away from being King of Bercy!

Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 7 of 9

Reed & Langston battled on Sunday

Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 8 of 9

Reedy enjoying the victory after Sunday’s Mains

Paris Bercy Supercross - Photo 9 of 9


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