The world famous Paris Bercy Supercross – the 27th edition now running in 2009, saw AMA Supercross Series Champion James Stewart winning for the second night in a row, followed by another American, Justin Brayton, on the Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha.

Why is Bercy legendary and world famous in supercross lore? The ‘show’ and the fans. It is unique compared to any other supercross – a very special place to watch or to race. And the ‘hometown’ crowd always give a lot of love to the ‘hometown’ riders, this year including MX2 World Motocross Champion Marvin Musquin, and Greg Aranda.

James Stewart has made other news this weekend in France as well. In interviews, he has been quoted as saying he will not race any ‘motocross’ events in 2010 (including the 2010 Motocross of Nations in the USA, and the 2010 AMA National Motocross Series). He will concentrate solely on supercross racing, and a reality TV show. With the change of schedule in the Motocross Grand Prix series starting in 2011, he stated he does have interest in possibly pursuing the World Motocross Championship after the supercross season is completed in 2011.

Results for the Superpole:

  1. Brayton (USA, Yamaha JGR)
  2. Aranda (FRA, Kawasaki Bud)
  3. Stewart (USA, Yamaha L & M)
  4. Musquin (FRA, KTM Red Bull)
  5. Izoird (FRA, Suzuki)
  6. Hill (USA, Yamaha L & M)
  7. Coisy (FRA, Honda)
  8. Boni (USA, Honda Campeneac Moto)
  9. Wey (USA, Kawasaki Bud Racing)
  10. Degli Espoti (ITA, Suzuki)

The American race (a five lap race to qualify the first nine riders, then a four lap race to qualify four riders and a final race of three laps):

  1. Stewart
  2. Musquin
  3. Brayton
  4. Boni
  5. Izoird
  6. Wey
  7. Degli Espoti
  8. Aranda
  9. Coisy
  10. Hill

Saturday Main Event Results:

  1. Stewart
  2. Brayton
  3. Aranda
  4. Musquin
  5. Izoird
  6. Wey
  7. Degli Espoti
  8. Hill
  9. Martin (FRA, Husqvarna)
  10. Thomas (USA, Suzuki BC Motos)

Overall classification after two nights:

  1. Stewart
  2. Brayton
  3. Musquin
  4. Aranda
  5. Izoird
  6. Wey
  7. Boni
  8. Hill
  9. Degli Espoti
  10. Coisy

To see the results from Friday night, you can visit this link

Paris Bercy Supercross - Night 2 - James Stewart! - Photo 1 of 3

French rider Greg Aranda

Paris Bercy Supercross - Night 2 - James Stewart! - Photo 2 of 3

Runner-up Saturday night – Justin Brayton

Paris Bercy Supercross - Night 2 - James Stewart! - Photo 3 of 3

Winner James Stewart

Courtesy Pascal Haudiquert

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