Steve Ramon and his Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MX1 Team headed directly from Portugal to Round 7 of the Motocross World Championship held in sunny La Baneza, Spain, this past weekend.

Despite a little aggravation from a recently strained groin Ramon soon settled into a good rhythm on the tight and twisty circuit and headed into Sunday morning confident in his form.

In the opening moto the ‘Bomb’ grabbed a reasonable start as he headed through the opening sections just within the top 10. Quickly getting the hammer down Ramon started to claw his way forward, ultimately finishing the race in 6th place, behind team-mate Desalle.

As moto 2 got under way Ramon looked awesome as he aggressively pushed his way into 4th position on the first lap. Riding well on the now rutted and choppy circuit Ramon was defending against a hard charging Nagle when he lost the front end in a corner and whilst putting his leg down to avoid falling, re-strained his groin injury. In excruciating pain Ramon made the decision to keep on the circuit in order to salvage any possible points, but inevitably dropped down the running order. At the end of a tough race Ramon crossed the line in 12th place, taking 11th overall for the GP.

Steve Ramon, “It wasn’t good! The first moto was OK and my start was better in the second as I reached fourth. Then in one corner my front wheel slipped away and I had to put my leg out. I stretched my sore groin again and had so much pain. It was a really tough moto and I tried to make the best of it but I’m not satisfied. It was not easy with the deep ruts in some places. I hope this heals quickly and I need some treatment when I get back to Belgium. I hope I can recover enough to race in the Belgian Championship but we will see.”

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