Round 11 – Orlando FL – March 19

250 Main Event Results
1. Chad Reed YAM    
2. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
3. James Stewart KAW    
4. Kevin Windham HON    
5. David Vuillemin YAM    
6. Seb Tortelli SUZ    
7. Andrew Short HON    
8. Ernesto Fonseca HON    
9. Mike LaRocco HON    
10. Tim Ferry YAM    
11. Jason Thomas HON    
12. Damon Huffman HON    
13. Joseph Oehlhof HON    
14. Tyler Evans SUZ    
15. Travis Preston HON    
250 Points
Ricky Carmichael 261
Chad Reed 232
Kevin Windham 190
Mike LaRocco 181
David Vuillemin 166
Ernesto Fonseca 150
Seb Tortelli 144
Michael Byrne 103
Heath Voss 95
Tyler Evans 88
Damon Huffman 84
Travis Preston 74
Nick Wey 73
Tim Ferry 63
Jeremy McGrath 61
125 East Main Event Results
1. Davi Millsaps SUZ    
2. Grant Langston KAW    
3. Josh Hansen KTM    
4. Matt Walker KAW    
5. Steve Boniface HON    
6. Ryan Mills HON    
7. Kelly Smith YAM    
8. Tucker Hibbert HON    
9. Troy Adams HON    
10. Greg Schnell HON    
11. Chad Johnson YAM    
12. Josh Grant HON    
13. Bradley Ripple SUZ    
14. Ty Hadsell YAM    
15. Justin Buckelew HON    
125 East Points
Grant Langston 100
Josh Hansen 100
Davi Millsaps 93
Kelly Smith 67
Steve Boniface 65
Troy Adams 63
Josh Grant 59
Matt Walker 56
Ryan Mills 52
Joaquim Rodrigues 45
Chad Johnson 43
Justin Buckelew 43
Brock Sellards 40
Greg Schnell 38
Jesseman, K. Johnson 30

Citrus Bowl

Chad Reed moves closer … wins Orlando

250: First, it was James Stewart leading. Ricky Carmichael was second, and Chad Reed third. Then, Carmichael goes down. It’s Stewart leading, Reed second, and Carmichael back a bit. Next, Stewart goes down. Reed inherits the lead, RC is second, and Stewart third. All this before 10 laps are complete.

At the halfway point, Chad Reed still leading, Carmichael is second, James Stewart is third. And that’s how they stayed until the end of the race – Reed first, Carmichael second, Stewart third. Ricky Carmichael leads the point standings with 261, and Chad Reed is second with 232 points.

125: Davi Millsaps, riding for Team Makita Suzuki, won the 15 lap main event over Grant Langston and Josh Hansen. Hansen and Langston are now tied for the points lead with 100 each, and Millsaps is third with 93 points.

Notes: Team Kawasaki’s Michael Byrne is out for at least the next seven weeks – he had shoulder surgery to repair torn ligaments suffered from a crash at the Atlanta supercross. Chad Reed had a small scare right before the main event. He had some sort of bike problem – Yamaha technicians removed the exhaust pipe and were looking at the cylinder area. They got it fixed in a few minutes, started the race, and Chad went on to win the 20 lap main event. It’s Chad’s second win in a row, and third of the 2005 season.

TV: March 27 – ESPN2 – 12pm Eastern Time – Orlando

Next event: April 2 – Dallas/Irving TX

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