KTM’s 2003 Mile High Dealer Meeting was held in front of a SRO crowd at the Tech Center in Denver, Colorado. And dealers from all 50 states heard a very special announcement: Motocross Team Manager Ron Heben officially announced that a deal has been finalized between McGrath Racing and KTM for the next four years.

The next day, dealers got a chance to ride all the new models. Thunder Valley Raceway was used for the motocross and enduro riding, and Bandimere Raceway was used for the SuperMoto style of riding. Both are just west of Denver.

KTM shared some of their plans for 2003 and beyond: More Research and Development, more staff, a new 85 motocross bike for 2004, a 250 four-stroke supercross bike projected for release in 2005. More involvement in 250 supercross with Grant Langston and Jeremy McGrath. (Jeremy and Grant will debut the new 250 SX at the US Open in Las Vegas later this year.)

For 2003, in addition to their mini programs, KTM has five full size motocross models – the 125 SX, the 200 SX, the 250 SX, the new 450 four-stroke SX, and the 525 four-stroke SX.

Trivia: Most of you know Guy Cooper as a racer. But did you know he’s a RMS – Regional Sales Manager for KTM? It’s true! And be sure to check out the latest Sheryl Crow video called “Steve McQueen” – she rides a KTM!

Selvaraj Narayana – Vice President of Event and Racing Promotions KTM USA: It’s very important for our company to have dealers come to this show, to learn what KTM’s plans are for the entire year, and for the next generation of bikes over the next five years. The dealers can take the information they learn here, and then go back to their dealerships and share the information with their staff, and their customers. It’s also important for us to make sure we have all the information presentable for the dealers so they can share it.

2003 will be a very exciting year for us. We’ve got many new bikes, including the 85cc that we are currently developing, the new 250 SX machine, a new concept 125, oil injected minis, and many other updates.

Our goals for 2003 are to take the Amateur Program to the next level. That includes our sixth year with the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge. And that program helps bring a supercross experience to kids and their families, and they can keep those great experiences for a life time.

KJSC is very proud to have been the first to bring these minis to the forefront of the sport and industry. Who knows, maybe these kids will someday become a National or World Champion!

2003 will be the second year of our Amateur Program. We are at all the Amateur Nationals, and some of the normal Nationals in a support program, helping and serving those riders.

Joe Colombero – Media Relations Manager KTM USA: This multi-day dealer meeting is designed to educate our dealers as to what we have planned, as well as them helping to educate us.

We also have industry publications here, and we want to educate them as to what we have planned for 2003 and beyond, so that they can share that information with their readers. Their readers are more industry related persons rather than enthusiasts. Those include Dealer News, Motorcycle Product News, Power Sports Industry, and Parts Product Magazine.

In the consumer publications, we want people to know about our race teams, so that our ‘stars’ get better known. We also want to expose KTM thru movies, television, and celebrity cross promotions such as Sheryl Crow’s new video ‘Steve McQueen’. We will be doing more projects like that in the future.

Scot Harden – VP of Marketing KTM USA: 15 years ago was the first Dealer Meeting for me. We actually did two that year. One was in Ohio, one in California. Both were very small affairs. Both were in a small hotel business meeting room. Both had maybe 30 dealers attending. It was Rod and I making all the room reservations and organizing the entire thing.

The one in California, I remember our Demo Ride was at an illegal riding area. We went out and rode, and the I sat in my van in my riding gear, writing up sales orders with our dealers. We had brown paper bag lunches, along with a few sodas. Hard to imagine how far we’ve come in a short period of time!

Every year we’ve grown a little bit. Each year is bigger, more elaborate, and more of a show. And more dealers attend. This year we have over 70% in attendance, which is a very high percentage.

For 2003, we have lofty goals. We have plans for 20% growth. We have more support for dealers. More profit for dealers too. We have a Quality Management program in place. We have bigger plans for Entertainment Marketing as well, especially now with Jeremy on KTM’s.

I personally have assumed a new role this past year, and that’s being an Equal Partner in Global Strategic Planning for KTM. Four or five times a year I travel to Europe to interface with my counterparts there to develop direction for the company. It’s an exciting time for us.

Rod Bush – President KTM USA: Our goals for 2003 and beyond are simple. To be the market share leader in off-road motorcycle sales in the USA.

The process to work with Jeremy began with our Motocross Team Manager Ron Heben. Ron kept communication open with Jeremy over the past six months. He asked Jeremy ‘Could it be possible? Are you interested in riding for KTM?’

In the end, it came down to Jeremy actually riding the bikes. He liked them. That’s the bottom line.

The period of time between the possibility of Jeremy riding for us and it becoming reality was actually very short. Jeremy wants to win. He tested all the other bikes, and he felt that KTM was the motorcycle for him.

To view the official press release regarding Jeremy McGrath and KTM, please visit this link

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Orange Fury - Photo 1 of 33

The 50 Junior

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The 65, ready to race

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Master of Ceremonies Art Eckmann

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Above the stage

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Brock Sellards and John Dowd

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Art Eckmann & The SX/MX Media Guru

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Dan Walsh, Art Eckmann

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Exhibit Hall

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Grant Langston

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KTM USA’s Joe Columbero and Scot Harden

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KTM USA’s Kelly

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Needs no description does it?

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Dad, can I have a KTM?

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Reception outside the hotel

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Rod Bush, KTM USA President

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Ron Heben explains the 2003’s

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This was the announcement – Jeremy riding KTMs!

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Sel from KTM USA

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Todd Jones – KTM’s Customer Service Manager

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Adventure 640!

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Demo rides on brand new bikes!

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Kristi Harden

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Sepp helped with the technical aspects

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Scott Cox & Billy Laninovich brought the house down with their rendition of ‘Boogey Nights’!

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The new 450 SX four-stroke!


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