This is just a taste of the sixth annual A Day In The Dirt. You can’t experience it all by just words or photos. What is A Day In The Dirt? It’s one of the ‘funnest’ events on the planet. Where else can you ride, race, and hangout with some of the coolest people on earth? It’s actually three days, at Los Angeles County Raceway (LACR) in Palmdale, California. Stunt people, producers, directors, musicians, actors, extreme-sports athletes, auto racers and moto stars all come together to have fun motorcycle racing.

The event, presented by Troy Lee Designs and produced by professional Hollywood stuntmen Kenny Alexander and Jimmy Roberts, sets out to bring back a tradition born in the late 50’s and early 60’s when motorcycle-loving moviemakers and stuntmen created the Westlake GP, a Grand Prix-style motorcycle race, that was held on an actual working movie set.

You could say this event has been 35 years in the making. In 1968 the Viewfinders, a motorcycle club whose members were stuntmen and movie-makers, partnered up with the Stuntmen’s Association to present their first event, the Westlake Grand Prix Scrambles. The course ran through an old movie set. It was a big success, soon attracting not only local boys like Steve McQueen, Eddie Mulder, John Hateley, Bud Ekins, J.N. Roberts, John Rice, Malcolm Smith, and John DeSoto but also international stars such as Arne Kring and Torsten Hallman.

It was just the year before in 1967 only a few miles away in Simi Valley, California, at the Hopetown Grand Prix that the first international superstars came to race in the United States. Hopetown was held on Bob Hope’s ranch which was also a working movie set. That’s when we got our first look at Joel Robert, Roger DeCoster, Dave Bickers, and Torsten Hallman. Bruce Brown was on hand to film this history making event for “Wide World of Sports”. The new word on the street was motocross.

From the very first event, A Day in the Dirt has not been your average Grand Prix. The course is altered to incorporate a little bit of Hopetown, Westlake, Elsinore, and some of the old Hare and Hound events. There is a little asphalt, a little mud and even a barn to fly through. For dirt bike lovers young and old it is more that just a race: it’s a reunion, a party, a get-together, a chance to rekindle old friendships or make new ones, a time to ride and reminisce with legends and heroes.

The Stunt GP

First Place Team – Ryan Hughes, Shaun Palmer

Second Place Team – Rich Taylor, Tim Weigand

Third Place Team – Jeremy McGrath, Mouse McCoy

Vet Classic GP age 30 and over

First Place – Jeremy McGrath

Second Place – Jeff Ward

Third Place – Mike Kiedrowski

250 and Open class

First Place – Jeremy McGrath

Second Place – Brian Gray

Third Place – Josh Grant

Vet Classic GP age 40 and over

First Place – Jeff Ward

Second Place – John Zahrt

Third Place – Louie Franco


First Place Team – Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Ward

Second Place Team – Tim Weigand, Mike Healey

Third Place Team – Kurt Caselli, Daryl Ecklund

There are many races during this Thanksgiving weekend event. The Stunt/Celebrity GP, a grand prix-style motocross featuring two-man teams, a Mini GP for kids, Vet GP’s, the Moto-A-GoGo, pairing two-man teams of like racers (two extreme athletes, two auto racers, etc.); the Film Industry GP – a race open to anyone in the entertainment/film industry, and the Coup de Grace, a two-and-a-half-hour survival race complete with Hollywood special effects.

Please visit A Day In The Dirt Web-site for all the exact info and results.

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Only a taste - Photo 1 of 36

Adrian from Boost Mobile

Only a taste - Photo 2 of 36

This is a sign that means ‘Keep hand away from sprocket’

Only a taste - Photo 3 of 36

Retro vintage is in

Only a taste - Photo 4 of 36

This is an AJS motorcycle

Only a taste - Photo 5 of 36


Only a taste - Photo 6 of 36

This dude rocks! Especially the helmet and beads!

Only a taste - Photo 7 of 36

Yes, that’s former sx champ Mike Bell. But it’s really a photo of Umbrella Girl

Only a taste - Photo 8 of 36

Mic Rodgers on a BSA. The only man to do every Ironman since 1998

Only a taste - Photo 9 of 36

What can you say? Classic sidecar action! Jawohl baby!!!

Only a taste - Photo 10 of 36

former 125 champ Micky Dymond

Only a taste - Photo 11 of 36

Kids race too

Only a taste - Photo 12 of 36


Only a taste - Photo 13 of 36

Ryan Hughes

Only a taste - Photo 14 of 36

Ryno on the staring line

Only a taste - Photo 15 of 36


Only a taste - Photo 16 of 36

Part of the fun is the team races. Jeremy takes off

Only a taste - Photo 17 of 36
Only a taste - Photo 18 of 36

former 125 champ Ron Lechien

Only a taste - Photo 19 of 36

Mercedes Gonzalez-Natvig, son Cameron

Only a taste - Photo 20 of 36

Missy the dog was there

Only a taste - Photo 21 of 36

There is pavement on the track. Mercedes at 65 mph

Only a taste - Photo 22 of 36

Jeff Ward, Jeremy McGrath on the podium. Even when hundreds of people are clamoring for Jeremy’s time and attention, he always takes the time to say ‘Hello’ and smile

Only a taste - Photo 23 of 36

Hughes, McGrath, Jim Holley, Mouse McCoy

Only a taste - Photo 24 of 36

Rick Johnson and son Luke

Only a taste - Photo 25 of 36

Rick & Stephanie Johnson

Only a taste - Photo 26 of 36

Rick on his vintage 1984 YZ 250

Only a taste - Photo 27 of 36
Only a taste - Photo 28 of 36

S. Claus rode at A Day In The Dirt

Only a taste - Photo 29 of 36

Victor Sheldon and Shaun Palmer

Only a taste - Photo 30 of 36

Just like your track at home

Only a taste - Photo 31 of 36

Stephanie Johnson

Only a taste - Photo 32 of 36

Triumph rules!

Only a taste - Photo 33 of 36

Vintage line

Only a taste - Photo 34 of 36

More vintage. Check out the Bultaco

Only a taste - Photo 35 of 36
Only a taste - Photo 36 of 36

Jeff Ward explains

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