Noora Naraghi recently traveled from Iran to the USA to pursue her motocross racing dream. Her MX dream? To learn how to ride and race motocross from Stefy Bau, former 2 time Women’s World Motocross Champion and owner/instructor of 211 MX school. 211 MX is the elite world wide motocross academy based in Florida, and designed specially for women riders and racers.

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Noora Naraghi had made big news worldwide before traveling to Florida. Living in Iran, she decided to go against the laws of her home country, and create the first ever Women’s Motocross Championship in Iran. The race was held last year at the club that Noora and her family own, and despite the skepticism from most people, just by staging the event – it was an incredible success.

8 women participants (one of them being Noora’s mom) completed a five lap race. Again, quite an accomplishment considering what it took for these brave women to even appear. It opened the eyes to many Iranian people, and people the world over.

As per Iranian law, the females were covered from head to toe.

But Noora said it best: “We have to wear our “hejab” everyday, so it was no different than any other day for us. It did not discourage us in any way to do our best”.

Noora wants to be a motocross racer. An Iranian female motocross racer. As strange as it may sound to many in the Western world, she was granted permission by her husband to travel to the US and train with Stefy and 211 MX.

This story is ‘big’ enough, that CNN recently did a feature article. Watch the video:

Both Noora, and Stefy, will be at a two-day motocross school for women only. It will be in Oak Hill, Texas on November 21 & 22.

Only ten ladies will have the chance to be part of this event, with the training done by Stefy Bau. This school at Oak Hill ( will give special emphasis to supercross, in preparation for the upcoming Mini O’s (Olympics). Oak Hill has a supercross (along with MX) track that the women in attendance can learn proper supercross skills.

Students will receive one-on-one training with Stefy. Some of the topics covered include: riding technique, mental strategies, correct body positioning, physical training, and safety.

Stefy is originally from Italy, but has made Florida her home for the past ten years. As previously mentioned, Stefy is a two time Women’s World Motocross Champion, but has gone on to other things as well after concluding her professional racing career in 2005. They include becoming General Manager of the Women’s World Motocross Series, and mentoring younger riders in the sport. In addition to running 211 MX School, Stefy is part of the FIM’s Women Commission on Sport.

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Stefy says: “I’m very happy to be able to train riders all over the world. I am especially happy to be able to work with Noora and share my knowledge with her. She is a determined person and wants to make changes in the world. She reminds me of myself when I was younger. I feel lucky to have met her.”

For more information on Stefy, Noora, or 211 MX School info:

e-mail: [email protected]

Noora Naraghi from Iran chasing her motocross racing dream - Photo 3 of 3

Stefy Bau giving Noora instructions


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