Behind the scenes with Global Action Sport’s Michael Porra.

You’ve probably heard of Nitro Circus. You know, with that guy, what’s-his-name? Oh yeah, Travis Pastrana. Nitro Circus Live is set to launch Saturday, June 4th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. It should be quite a show and something very special.

But how did Travis Pastrana, first a regional Supercross Champion, then an AMA National Motocross Champion, then a Freestyle MX legend, an X Games icon, Rally Car winner, star of MTV’s Nitro Circus, re-invent himself with “Nitro Circus Live?”

To best answer that question is an interview with Michael Porra, CEO of Global Action Sports, and the man who turned that the idea into reality.

Nitro Circus Live! - Photo 1 of 1Michael Porra

We asked Michael to tell us a little bit about himself and how “Nitro Circus Live” came about…

I have always been a action sports fan. Freestyle Motocross is what really led me into motor sports. That was really the start of all the things we do motor sports – being a fan of first action sports, and then freestyle mx.

On a professional level, in 2003 we started G.A.S. – Global Action Sports. The first event I did was the Crusty Demons Live Tour, which we created and promoted for eight years.

People ask me what do I like best about being in this industry. I can answer that easily. I love action sports, particularly surfing, so I feel very lucky to work in the industry. The creative process is what I really love best – working on a show from the start, and then seeing it live on opening night.

Among other things, officially, I am the CEO of GAS – Global Action Sports. My day to day functions are working on the creative, marketing and personnel aspects of the company. And you might ask “What does the company Global Action Sports do?” Global Action Sports is the worldwide producer and promoter of Nitro Circus Live, as well as the promoters and producers of Super X, the Australasian Supercross Championship.

I’ll share with you how the Nitro Circus concept came to be Nitro Circus Live. I went over to the USA (Global Action Sports is based in Australia) to see Travis Pastrana and the Godfrey guys – Gregg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle. I proposed the concept of a live Nitro Circus arena show. After we were all in agreement, our company spent the next year testing and developing the show, the ramps, the contraptions and the look and feel of the show.

And now comes our big show – Nitro Circus Live in Las Vegas. I believe this will be the biggest one-off theatrical action sports show ever. The rider lineup is amazing, with almost 40 performers. On Saturday June 4th, around 15 world firsts will be attempted – including multiple double back flipping FMX in the air at once, triple front flip and triple back flip with BMX, along with a heap of new and crazy contraptions. There will never be a one-off show like it again.

Looking towards the future, the Vegas show will be filmed in 3D for the Nitro Circus feature film, which will be released globally early next year. Around the same time we will be going on sale with our 30-plus city tours of Europe and the USA, which will happen late 2012 and into 2013. We want to see this show constantly developing and touring around the world in perpetuity!

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