Nitro Circus Live, the live spectacle of the world famous Nitro Circus DVDs and the hit MTV series, will soon announce details about a World Tour set to launch in North America later this year.

The World Tour will respond to international audience demand and follows last year’s highly-successful Australian tour, the first ever live tour which smashed box office records for previous action sports events.  Australia has set the stage for this year’s tour of New Zealand, which kicked off February 5th in Auckland and is currently demolishing all previous New Zealand box office records in front of sellout crowds in New Zealand’s premiere stadiums.

Details about the tour dates, line up, ticketing information and more will be announced in the weeks to come. Visit often for up-to-date information.

Headed up by the world’s greatest action sports star Travis Pastrana, each show combines the biggest and best freestyle motocross (FMX) stunts with insane action on BMX and skateboard as well as the famous Nitro Circus crew performing outrageous stunts on crazy contraptions launched off the 50 foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp.

“I am so stoked to be able to bring our insane Nitro Circus Live experience to so many places across the globe. The whole Nitro crew can’t wait to have fans come out and watch us really push the boundaries in our action packed show,” said Pastrana who will participate in all shows on the tour during breaks in his NASCAR schedule.

The global tour will coincide with the first 3D Nitro Circus feature film, which starts production in April and is due for release in early 2012. The movie, which will contain ground breaking stunts in 3D, is set to follow in the footsteps of the Jackass 3D movie, which has grossed over $170 million in ticket sales worldwide.  International Creative Management represents Nitro Circus Live and the world wide distribution of the feature film.

Nitro Circus Live will premiere its global tour with an exclusive, one-time-only, star studded event in Las Vegas, USA in June, 2011 which will be filmed in 3D for the upcoming feature film.

The Nitro Circus brand founded by Travis Pastrana, Gregg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle has enjoyed a rapid rise to popularity, beginning with the innovative DVD series.

In 2009, they partnered with MTV to create a new smash hit TV series produced by Godfrey Entertainment and Jackass’ Dickhouse productions, which has aired to huge ratings in over 60 countries over two seasons.

Nitro Circus Live was created through a partnership between Godfrey Entertainment and Australian based sports marketing & events company, Global Action Sports which used its extensive experience in producing and promoting large scale theatrical action sports spectacles to create the Nitro Circus Live show.

The Nitro Circus Live Tour is being presented via a new partnership between Nitro Circus Live and one of the world’s preeminent producers and promoters of live entertainment, S2BN Entertainment.  

S2BN Entertainment has a long history of promoting a diverse range of incredibly successful shows on a Global scale. Headed by Michael Cohl, S2BN has been responsible for producing and overseeing tours with many of the most successful artists in the world including the Rolling Stones and Barbra Streisand, several blockbuster Broadway musicals and various live sporting events, from monster trucks to MMA.

The promoter of Nitro Circus Live, Michael Porra, said he has big expectations in partnering with S2BN to achieve the global touring objectives of Nitro Circus Live. 

“S2BN Entertainment is one of the leading players in the international entertainment industry and I am excited that they have seen the huge potential of Nitro Circus Live,” said Porra.

“If you’ve ever seen Nitro Circus, you don’t have to ask why I’m excited to be involved. If you’re looking for action with a touch of madness, nothing else comes close. It’s a spectacle like nothing on the planet,” said Cohl.


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