UDDEVALLA (SWEDEN), 5 July 2009 – Youthstream is pleased to announce that the partnership with BMK Uddevalla will continue to secure five more editions of the Swedish Grand Prix, this year being the 11th of the 15 round campaign.

BMK Uddevalla has a strong experience in organizing the Grand Prix’s, with their first one taking place back in 1958 at the Kuröd race track, which was in the city of Uddevalla. Another 500cc Grand Prix was held at the same track in 1961 then the new Glimmingen race track, which is the one hosting the Grand Prix of Sweden nowadays, was build and opened in 1967. The Grand Prix circus was at the Glimmingen in 1977 for the first time.

From 2001 BMK Uddevalla is running the Grand Prix of Sweden at the Glimmingen race track once a year so that the venue is now popular all over the world, with international fans coming in crowds to enjoy both the FIM Motocross World Championship and the beauty of the surroundings.

BMK Uddevalla, whose previous name was Bohusläns Motor Klubb, was the first club to be created in the Bohusläns region while the organizing committee for the Swedish Grand Prix includes also former World 250cc Motocross Champion Håkan Andersson.

Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo stated: “The Motocross Grand Prix of Sweden is one of our best events in the FIM Motocross World Championship and I am very happy to have renewed the contract with BMK Uddevalla for this event for another five years. This shows that even during a world economical crisis the FIM Motocross World Championship is in very good health, the sport is continuing to grow, and fans and sponsors are even closer than ever. The BMK Uddevalla has made tremendous improvements to the venue over the years and now it proves to be one of the greatest sporting events in Scandinavia. We thank all the Club’s volunteers and the authorities of Uddevalla for making this happen”.

Mr. Magnus Thelin, President of BMK Uddevalla, said: “It’s an honour for us to sign this contract with Youthstream and to secure our Grand Prix for the next five years. We thank the FIM/CMS President, Dr. Wolfgang Srb, for all his support over the past years and for the future. We also want to thank the Youthstream President, Giuseppe Luongo, for the great improvements made with passion and professionalism to the FIM Motocross World Championship, in such a short time this sport has become famous around the world with huge amounts of fans, sponsors and television. Youthstream is a very honest partner for us, they are very open to negotiate contract fees fair for both parties, they are always attentive to our requests, finding solutions and helping our club to grow. We will continue investing in the venue and follow the evolution of Motocross, at the moment we are negotiating with the authorities to open a second access road only for pass holders and security. We want to also thank our volunteers for their hard work all year long bringing our circuit to the highest level in the world, and a big thanks to the local authorities, sponsors and fans.”

FIM/CMS Dr. Wolfgang Srb added: “I am very happy that BMK Uddevalla has renewed the agreement with Youthstream for five more years and that the Swedish fans with be able to watch world class Motocross at the famous “Glimmingen” track also in the years to come. BMK Uddevalla is one of the most important venues of the FIM Motocross World Championship. The Club has great and hard working people who love the sport – and it shows! Congratulations to all who made this important deal possible. Good luck for the future!”

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