Sacramento CA: The prehistoric remains of a dinosaur were discovered on a vacant lot east of Los Angeles this past Thursday. Experts notified the state of the find, and officials have now shut down all land in the entire state.

“This is a tremendous find for archeologists, paleontologists and biologists all over the world, as we have unearthed a brand new species of dinosaur: The Grumpasaurus. Unfortunately, this is not good news for anyone that uses land” said Department of Land and Use and Permits official Rosa B. Gara.

Excavation state-wide for remains of the Grumpasaurus will begin early next week. The Grumpasaurus is approx. 10 inches in height, and is related to another small dinosaur of the same Cretaceous period, the Thesaurus.

This could very well be the flash point between land owners and dinosaurs. Expect to hear much more about this in the very near future.

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