Details are slowly emerging from today’s ground breaking press conference (see photos below), but has learned that this new supercross corporation, based in Hollywood, California, is headed up for the first time by top professional riders.

A written communique was distributed to members of the media after the press conference, which stated the following:

“It was time for a change. And with that change comes a new series, a new logo, and our new name: SUP – Supercross Unlimited Partners.”

“There is a 2005 schedule, but it’s very tentative at this point. However, the series finale will be held in the media capital of the world, New York City. Half the events will be held on Wednesday nights, heralding a bold new era in supercross. This will open up the sport to new fans, and so as not to compete with other traditional Saturday night events such as Extreme Bull Riding, Super Monster Jamborees, and Monster Horse Roping. We are in serious negotiations to have live TV, and hope to introduce a brand new type of popcorn: Really Salty & Buttery Popcorn, The Official Popcorn of Supercross.”

“What the sport needs at this critical juncture in it’s history is a third series. There are those other two series, but it’s perfect time to add a third series. This will help to make things even more confusing for the fans, so the sport never grows beyond our own self-serving interests.”

SUP has brought in the best riders from all over the world to run this company. We have major sponsors in place for ’05: a parts distributor, a game maker, an apparel company, a tobacco company, a tire company, a candy bar, a car manufacturer, another video game maker, beer, goggles, spark plugs, Canada (The Official Destination Country of SUP), oil, luggage, a watch company, a pony, some boots, slippers, exhaust pipes, a track builder, a magazine, beef jerky, and last but certainly not least, motorhomes.”

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New supercross series to launch in '05 - Photo 1 of 3

The Press Conference!

New supercross series to launch in '05 - Photo 2 of 3

High Flying Supercross Action will be coming to your town!

New supercross series to launch in '05 - Photo 3 of 3

The New Logo!

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