PICKERINGTON, Ohio (Sept. 9, 2005) Beginning with the 2006 racing
season, new class names will be in place for the AMA Supercross Series,
the AMA Motocross Championship and the AMA National Arenacross Series,
announced AMA Pro Racing today.

Instead of relying on displacement to define classes, the new names
define each class within the overall championship in a clear, more
easily understood manner.

In the AMA Supercross Series the two classes will now be known as AMA Supercross (for 250cc two-stroke and 450cc four-stroke machinery) and AMA Supercross Lites (for 125cc two-stroke and 250cc four-stroke equipment).

Similarly, in the AMA Motocross Championship the classes will be AMA Motocross and AMA Motocross Lites. The AMA National Arenacross Series will follow suit with AMA Arenacross and AMA Arenacross Lites.

“The beauty of this plan lies in its simplicity,” said Scott
Hollingsworth, AMA Pro Racing CEO. “With the inclusion of four-stroke
machinery into supercross and motocross, tying class names to a
particular displacement has been somewhat misleading and potentially
confusing to casual followers of the sport. This direction accomplishes
several objectives in terms of clarifying the classes, defining the
hierarchy between the support and premier class and building on the
inherent equity and awareness of the AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross

Hollingsworth pointed out that this naming procedure is similar to what
is already in place with other AMA Pro Racing disciplines. “We
established this system with our AMA Supermoto Championship and it is
working well. The premier class in that discipline is AMA Supermoto and
it is supported by the AMA Supermoto Lites class and the AMA Supermoto
Unlimited class. The names also intuitively quantify the relative size
of the bikes comprising each class without locking us into a specific

The approach is also consistent with the direction AMA Pro Racing has
taken in its AMA Superbike Championship where none of the classes are
identified with a specific displacement. In that championship AMA
Superbike is the premier class supported by AMA Supersport, AMA Formula
Xtreme and AMA Superstock.

“The naming process for supercross and motocross has been an ongoing
initiative at AMA Pro Racing” commented Kerry Graeber, AMA Pro Racing
Vice President, Director of Communications. “We’ve been studying our
class name system for quite a while,” said Graeber. “It has been on the
agenda of the SX/MX Advisory Board and we’ve considered naming ideas
submitted by such diverse groups as fans, riders, sponsors and members
of the industry. The objectives were clear but we never saw anything
that entirely met what we were trying to accomplish. With these new
class names we’re confident that we have now finally met those

Steve Whitelock AMA Pro Racing SX/MX Series Manager and the person
within the organization most closely connected to the discipline
agrees. “When I heard the new names I knew we had nailed it,” said
Whitelock. “The names perfectly communicate the two classes, remove the
displacement confusion and fit within each overall championship. I
couldn’t be happier and I’m looking forward to rolling them out with
the 2006 racing season.”

Courtesy AMA Pro Racing

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