Beginning with the 2008 racing season, new class names will be in place for Supercross & Motocross. The new names will be 250 & 450.

Says Racing Czar Rick Johnson: “First, we formed a board consisting of fans, riders, sponsors, and industry executives to build consensus. Next, we conducted extensive market research, along with in-depth, multiple choice surveys, across every age range. Our goal was simple: to make supercross & motocross more easily understood to everyone in a clear, concise manner.”

Johnson continues “We left no stone unturned in coming up with 250 & 450 as the new names. Although some thought the task was impossible, we feel that calling the 250cc motorcycles 250’s, and the 450cc motorcycles 450’s is simply brilliant. We know what a debacle our most recent changes were (i.e. Lites), and we truly hope we did not offend the tobacco or alcohol demographic in any way. These new names perfectly communicate the two classes, and remove any confusion with cigarettes or beer.”

Other names in serious consideration by the board members included: “Reduced Calorie”, “Less Tar”, & “Low fat”.


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