Rick Johnson, 7-time AMA Supercross/Motocross Champion, and Aubriana Dunn, one of the top female riders in the world, have started blogging on Supercross.com.

Can we tell you exactly what you are going to be reading in their blog? Yes and no.

Of course, you’ll be reading about Supercross and Motocross. And a lot more.

Rick Johnson is bringing back his famous (infamous?) RJ Says Column, in blog form. Rick will write about some of his past experiences and entertaining stories, and, he’ll also be writing about what he’s doing both now and in the future. And it’s a lot – an off-road truck series, racing, and ….

The second part is …. we don’t know exactly what Rick will be blogging about! But it should be entertaining!

And we want to introduce you to Aubriana Dunn. Aubriana is embarking on quite an ambitious adventure. One that we are very envious about! Aubriana is racing the 2009 FIM Women’s World Motocross Championships Series! And she write incredibly well, really giving you insight into what she’s doing, what she’s thinking, and you’ll find her insight and stories great to read and follow along with her worldwide adventures!

You can access their blogs right now in two different ways. First, go to ‘Features’ and pull down the menu and you’ll see RJ Says for Rick’s blog. And in the same manner, you can pull down to Aubriana’s blogAubriana Rails

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