The first Navy Moto X World Championships was held in the beautiful San Diego, California.

The weather could not have been better, it was in the 80s and sunny, with not a cloud in the sky! And the atmosphere was mellow and fun, it seemed as if everyone was there for the same reason… to soak up the sun, hang with friends, and see some amazing competition.

Over the weekend we saw 6 different disciplines compete for gold helmets.



Step up


Best trick

Speed and Style

Speed and style is my new absolute favorite competition to watch. Two riders start side by side and dive into designated lanes-one lane was pure racing, the other included steel freestyle ramps. Upon conclusion of lap 1, riders swapped lanes. Each bracket was a four lap race. The scoring was 50 percent based on racing and 50 percent based on freestyle judging.

It reminded me of a video game. It was very fun to watch. And my friend Nate Adams ended up winning, so it was even better. =)

Moto X was held late Sunday afternoon; there was a lot of hype built up on Jason Lawrence and Travis Pastrana going into it.

It was exciting to watch because they ran the heats with 4 guys at a time, then took the top 2 and moved them to the finals, and the bottom 2 were sent to the last chance race where the top 2 guys would move on to the finals.. resulting in a 10 man main event! A bit different from our typical supercross race. Broc Hepler ended up winning and taking home the Gold Medal. Jason Lawrence ended up crashing in the first turn and pulling off the track and out of the race. Travis ended up finishing 5th.

After it was all over I was able to go get some interviews with some of the Gold Medelist! (or Gold Helmets)

Awesome weekend!!


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