1:00: We picked up Gustavo, and we head towards the stadium.

1:17: Pulled into the ‘Q’. Lots of people here already tailgating. BBQ’s, frisbees, footballs, beachballs, skateboards, and more.

1:48: Walking around in the parking lot, ran into Armando of Too Much Fun Promotions. Good guy. Good food. Good time.

2:23: We were finally able to find some Early Entry Passes, and we head into the pits.

2:45: Cruising thru the pits, we come across a big film crew. It’s part of Disney filming a new movie called ‘Supercrosssed’. We walked around the crowded pits, grabbed a few posters, but didn’t wait to get any rider’s autographs – the lines were too long.

3:00: Went inside the stadium for the first time. Got to see the 125 guys practice.

4:00: Looking for something to eat for dinner at the stadium. We end up having a Rally Burger and fries. We met the McGee’s from Seattle while in line.

4:59: Doug and Brad show up, and we head to the snack bar to get some sodas. Sun is going down, and it’s starting to get cold.

5:59: We’ve spent the past hour just walking around the stadium, checking things out.

6:40: We get settled in our seats – Loge Section 16, row L!

6:55: Heather Voss and crew start walking around the stadium, shooting t-shirts into the crowd with an air gun.

7:11: Opening ceremonies start with a video program showing the history of supercross.

7:20: Lights go down, music starts up, large American flag is brought out. Laser show starts.

7:28: First rider is introduced. The music blares, the fireworks blast, and the spotlight shines on Heath Voss. Then Fonseca, Roncada, Byrne, LaRocco, Ferry, Vuillemin, Lusk, Reed, and finally Carmichael.

7:30: Then there was a tribute to Jeremy McGrath. He was introduced, and it was said he announced his retirement on January 2nd. (Almost! Supercross.com had the story here first on December 23rd!) Jeremy then rode a lap slowly around the track, stopping on many jumps to acknowledge the fans.

7:32: The announcers are introduced, and come out in a pick up truck.

7:35: Largest cheer of the night as the Marine Corp Color Guard is introduced to the tune of Bruce Springteen’s Born In The USA. (These Marines from Miramar Air Station are shipping out tomorrow to the Middle East.)

7:36: The National Anthem.

7:41: Chad Reed and Ricky Carmichael do a ‘hot lap’ and a little show-boating for the crowd.

7:44: First 125 Heat takes off. The track has longest starting straight we’ve ever seen!

7:50: Travis Preston takes the win in race #1.

7:54: 125 Heat 2 takes off.

8:00: James Stewart takes the checkered flag in this heat.

8:05: 250 Heat 1 starts.

8:12: Chad Reed wins 250 Heat 1.

8:19: 250 Heat 2 takes off. Michael Byrne is the early leader.

8:22: Ricky Carmichael is looking for a way past Michael Byrne for the lead. In a corner, RC goes inside Michael to take the lead.

8:24: Once Carmichael gets into first, he begins to stretch his lead. And it’s easy to see why – he is visibly faster than everyone else, accelerating just a split second sooner out of every corner compared to his competitors.

8:25: Carmichael does a one-handed whip as he takes the checkered flag.

8:35: The gate drops for the three lap KTM Junior Supercross Challenge exhibition.

8:42: A boring intermission where it seemed like all they did was hype all their products. One long commercial.

8:51: Race 5 – Last Chance for 125’s.

8:55: Andrew Short wins the 125 Last Chance.

8:59: 250 Semi #1.

9:05: Heath Voss wins the 250 Semi 1.

9:14: 250 Semi 2 blasts off for their six laps.

9:19: Nick Wey takes the checkered flag for Semi #2.

9:28: Track maintenance, and another intermission. The announcers are pimping more products.

9:33: Race #8 is the Last Chance for the 250’s.

9:37: Casey Lytle wins the Last Chance for the 250’s.

9:43: Site lap for the 125 West Main Event.

9:47: Gate drops for the 125 Main! Tiger Lacey had the holeshot, but coming out of the second corner, James Stewart is already pulling a lead. As James heads down the first long jump-strewn straightaway, the flash bulbs start popping!

9:50: Three laps in, Stewart is stretching his lead. Sean Hamblin is second, Danny Smith third, and Travis Preston fourth. Preston goes past Smith on the inside of a right hand corner.

9:53: Stewart is way out in front, all by himself. Hamblin still second, followed by Preston and then Smith.

9:54: Preston moves into second. The running order is Stewart, Preston, Smith, and Hamblin. Stewart’s lap times are just over 52 seconds.

9:56: Hamblin spins out of a right hand corner. It’s Stewart, Preston, Smith, and now Andrew Short.

10:00: Stewart is styling. He’s showing off all over the track on his final laps. One handers, pointing, and waving to the crowd.

10:01: Stewart busts two big nac nacs on the final lap. James has won his fifth 125 West event in a row. Travis Preston, Danny Smith, Andrew Short, and Matt Walker follow.

10:02: Stewart lays his bike on the ground, and walks towards the fans, and even signs a few autographs before making it back to the podium.

10:10: Site lap for the 250’s.

10:15: The gate drops for the start of the 250 Main. Michael Byrne with the holeshot! Going down the first long straight a few corners later, it’s David Vuillemin leading, followed by Chad Reed, Michael Byrne, and Ricky Carmichael.

10:16: At the end of lap one it’s David Vuillemin, Chad Reed, Michael Byrne, and Ricky Carmichael.

10:17: Reed goes past team-mate Vuillemin and into the lead! Running third now is Ricky Carmichael, he’s followed by Byrne.

10:18: The top three riders (Reed, Vuillemin, & Carmichael) are pulling away from the rest of the field.

10:19: Carmichael pulls inside of Vuillemin on a corner and passes him for second! At the end of the fourth lap it’s Reed, Carmichael, Vuillemin, and Byrne.

10:20: Carmichael crashes going into a left hander! Vuillemin wheelies over RC’s fallen bike! Carmichael is getting up, trying to start his bike. Four more riders go past him before he gets going again. RC is now in seventh.

10:21: Chad Reed is way out front. David Vuillemin is second. Tim Ferry passes Michael Byrne to move into third.

10:22: Reed is a full straightaway ahead of Vuillemin. Vuillemin is that same full straightaway ahead of Ferry. Then it’s Byrne, and now Carmichael.

10:27: While Reed continues to lead, and Vuillemin is second, somehow Ricky Carmichael has come back up to third.

10:34: Chad Reed takes the checkered flag! It’s his second win of 2003! Vuillemin finishes second, and Carmichael third.

10:45: Get back in the car, and get in line to get out of the stadium with 67,099 other people.

Can we do it again next week?

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To see the official results and series point standings, please visit this link

Sick Bay: Seb Tortelli – out with a knee injury, Craig Anderson – out with a ruptured spleen. Grant Langston – out with knee surgery. Travis Pastrana – out with shoulder injury. Mike LaRocco – out with shoulder injury.

Photos by Bill Q.

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My San Diego Supercross - Photo 1 of 21

This is Bevo. He’s modeling the latest in Scott gear

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 2 of 21

Bill and Gustavo

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 3 of 21

Disney crew filming ‘Supercrossed’

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 4 of 21

Sean Hamblin

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 5 of 21

Heather Voss and crew shooting t-shirts

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 6 of 21

Jeremy McGrath makes one fan’s day

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 7 of 21


My San Diego Supercross - Photo 8 of 21

Chad Reed and Ricky Carmichael’s motorhomes

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 9 of 21

Daytime practice

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 10 of 21

Travis Preston

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 11 of 21
My San Diego Supercross - Photo 12 of 21

Chad Reed

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 13 of 21


My San Diego Supercross - Photo 14 of 21


My San Diego Supercross - Photo 15 of 21

Ricky Carmichael

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 16 of 21

Jack Murphy helped bring major league sports to San Diego

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 17 of 21

Check out the starting straight!

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 18 of 21
My San Diego Supercross - Photo 19 of 21

James Stewart

My San Diego Supercross - Photo 20 of 21
My San Diego Supercross - Photo 21 of 21

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