Many people have called, texted, Facebooked, Tweeted, Skyped, e-mailed and stalked me, asking when the “Amanda MX School” would return.

And since I’m here to give all the fans of, and the sport of Motocross, as much as possible, I’m here to announce that the Amanda MX School is back! Bigger and better than ever! (See video below.)

I’ll share with you the secrets and riding tips I’ve learned over the year to help you come from ahead to lose, miss out on as many podiums as possible, and be the ridicule of all your friends and family at the race track.

My teaching techniques are second to none, and I’ll have you breaking more bones quicker than you can say “Travis Pastrana and Red Bull rock!”

Here are what some of my recent students have to say about the new and improved Amanda MX School:

  • Tim B from Alabama – I have spent more time in the ER after going thru Amanda’s training … what was I thinking?
  • Phil M from California – By far the toughest, yet most educational motocross training I’ve ever been thru. I highly recommend Amanda’s MX School to anyone that wants to feel 100% uncomfortable on the bike while riding at any speed.
  • Gene S from Canada – I thought I would learn how to be better, safe, and faster on a motorcycle. I was wrong – Amanda doesn’t teach any of that. And if you don’t do what she says on the track, she’s brutal. I’m going to take up sewing or knitting now.
  • Brianna B from England – I was a bit scared of riding a motorcycle. Now I’m petrified. What was I thinking?

My new course agenda teaches you advanced training techniques such as:

  • How to come up short on a triple jump
  • Best ways to get stuck in a starting gate
  • Correct body language after breaking multiple bones
  • Why you should crash in front of as many people as possible
  • Getting to know the Paramedics on a first name basis
  • What to do when your leg is caught in the back wheel
  • Excuses to tell your co-workers, friends and family about casts, surgeries, shoulder slings, scars, and walking crutches

But wait! There’s more! I now give personalized instruction!! This way, instead of learning in a group environment, you can get one-on-one tutoring from me.

To buy tickets for either group classes or individual training by me, click here


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