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So here are some of my life HaPPs! [def: life HaPPs means .. “The Stuff Happening in my Life”]

Today is Saturday February 28th and I’m pretty much enjoying one of the most beautiful days of the year so far! Definitely a tank top and shorts day! Just loving it! After I’m done posting this blog I’m going outside to fire up the Suzuki JR50 and run around our 2 acres teaching my 4.5 yr old how to ride! The best part about it he wears yellow and black gear from MSR and his Suzuki JR is yellow and black as well, which basically means he is Bumble Bee from Transformers the Movie.. He doesn’t even relate the riding to anything other than saving the world and battling the MegaTron.

Hmm, its pretty much been winter here in Southern California, we had a lot of rain [ that would be like 3 inches, lol ] , which was cool, I guess it was kind of the motocross off season for recreational riding and time to hit the local mountains for some snowboarding action. I loaded up my board and my girls at we headed up to Big Bear Mountain. Here are our ridiculous photos 🙂

My life HaPPs & Stefy Bau's 5 NIFTY FACTS about the WMX - Photo 1 of 4
Here I am enjoying our extremely cold local mountains!!

My life HaPPs & Stefy Bau's 5 NIFTY FACTS about the WMX - Photo 2 of 4
The only thing to do on the chair lifts is “PhotoShoots!”

My life HaPPs & Stefy Bau's 5 NIFTY FACTS about the WMX - Photo 3 of 4

Here is my crew. Amanda Hippe; Myself “MJ”, Kasey Bancroft

So, women’s motocross is pretty mellow right now, so I figured I would do what any brilliant motocross blogging enthusiast would do… I spent long hard hours and research 5 NIFTY FACTS on what the heck is happening on the other side of the world within the womens mx scene…

Shot off an email to my good friend Stefy Bau.. and Here is what Stefy thinks are

My life HaPPs & Stefy Bau's 5 NIFTY FACTS about the WMX - Photo 4 of 4

Stefy Bau

5 NIFTY FACTS about the WMX – [World Motocross Championship]

1. Livia Lancelot raced the International Race in Valence among the boys in the MX2 class on Feb 22nd!

2. Steffi Laier is training with Stefan Everts in Spain

3. A lot of the WMX girls are training in Florida or Southern Europe to get the most out of the warm weather!

4. No US GP this year… need to wait for 2010!

5. WMX will be live on TV and on the internet at
freecaster. tv

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