In addition to doing all the stuff I do with my company, I have a new gig. And guess what it is??? I’m doing live television for the FIM World Championship Motocross Series! 15 Grand Prix all over the world and the races are literally on in every country in the world!!! In America, it’s on AmericaOne network, and also on Fence TV.

And of course you will get to see a lot of what I’m doing right here on! Today’s video from Friday at the track should give you a nice taste of how things went. Today I went to four team introductions; they were very professional and well organized. I have never seen anything like it in motocross before. I must comment on the infrastructure of entire race facility, they are simply first class (and wonderful to attend!!)

Tomorrow is timed practice, and Anna (my co-journalist) and I will do on our TV opens and closes for the television programs, and also interview the MX1 and MX2 racers who had the fastest lap times of the day.

Right now, it’s after 2am local time in Holland as I’m writing this. It’s pouring rain, and there is potential for snow on Sunday. It should be fun!


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