April Zastrow is from Idaho, but you’ll be seeing her at motocross tracks all over the country competing in the 2010 AMA Women’s National Motocross Series. Look for number 11!

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April Zastrow in the pits. Photos by Gerald Geronimo

Age: 21

Residence: Kuna, ID

Astrological Sign: Aries

Favorite Hobby besides MX: Art

Favorite TV/Flick? Not sure

Music you live by? Lil Wayne

Pink or Black? Black

Spa Day or Hiking? Spa Day

Diamonds or Dirtbikes? Dirtbikes!!!

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April Zastrow on the line

How old were you when you swung your leg over your 1st bike?

I was probably about 9, but only had that bike a few weeks before it got stolen. Then I got another one when I was 12 and haven’t stopped since.

Who’s to blame for your passion for motocross?

My dad, he took me to a few races to watch and that’s when I decided I wanted a bike too.

When did motocross become more than a hobby for you?

I started racing right away, but didn’t become serious about it until 2004.

Have you looked at racing as a career move or a professional hobby?

It’s more of a professional hobby, I hope that in the future more girls will be lucky enough to have the choice of it being a career move.

How many years have you been racing in the AMA Women’s Motocross Professional Class?

I’ve raced 5 full seasons already! I’m getting old : )

Tell about one of your career highlights.

Going to X Games 15 was my career highlight, I never thought that I would be able to compete in it. I went through so much to race X15 and the experience and hole-shot made it worth it in the end. I didn’t even care what place i finished, I was just glad to be there.

MXGirls Rider Insight: April Zastrow - Photo 3 of 4MXSports took over the Women’s Motocross Program in 2009. How do you feel the progression of women’s motocross is coming?

The progression of WMX was huge in 2009, I felt like we had a good spot in the program and were treated pretty equal to the men. I would like to thank everyone that helped us get to where we are and believing in the women. I think the only think that is holding us back now is the economy. Hopefully more women will get better support from teams and sponsors that is more equal to the men once the economy picks back up.

You powered your way through the 2009 WMX Outdoors, you are a fast, talented rider. How do you feel your 2009 race season went?

I think my season went well, I was lucky to be on Team Solitaire and had a lot of help from them. I was pretty consistent and survived the whole series without any major injuries. I had decent results, but they weren’t exactly what I was hoping for coming into the series. There were some fast new girls that came to the series and I think that is what made it harder for me.

2010 is right around the corner. What are your plans for 2010?

Right now I am not really sure what my plans are, I am trying to find enough sponsors and money to make it through next year. I have a feeling I will be roughing it out a bit more. So if there is anyone at the races that is bored, I most likely won’t have a mechanic and might need some help.

Any advice for girls who want to become the next April Zastrow?

Keep riding, be responsible and have fun while your doing it, because it won’t last forever.

MXGirls Rider Insight: April Zastrow - Photo 4 of 4April Zastrow at Glen Helen


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