Tony Cairoli is the defending World Motocross Champion of MX 1, and leading this year’s Championship points chase as well.

Ciao Friends & Fans!

Here are my adventures of the last two World Motocross Championship events, the MX Grand Prix of Latvia, and the MX Grand Prix of Sweden. Let’s start with Grand Prix of Latvia!

MXGP Kegums – Latvia

After the GP of Germany I traveled straight to Latvia. The week before this GP I went and trained with my friend Ivo Steinbergs, on a really nice track not far from the GP track in Kegums.

Saturday at the circuit in Kegums, the free practice and qualification practice went really well, and I had some good lap times. I made a pretty good start in my qualification heat – I was in fourth position after David Philippaerts. Three laps before the end of the heat we both passed Evgeny Bobryshev, and after a lap I was able pass David. After that I closed the gap to leader Clement Desalle, but the race was too short to pass him on the last lap.

They changed the track a bit from last year, and that made for less good places to pass, but it was still a nice track, and I was happy with my riding in the qualification race!

On Sunday for the GP, in the first moto start I got closed in by Philippaerts right away, so I had to brake hard … but was still able to take the extreme inside of the first corner, so my start wasn’t so bad … I was six positions behind David. After I got to him, I tried everything possible to pass him. I was changing lines, while he was cutting mine. I had to fight hard just to try and find a way to pass him in a clean way. We both passed Jimmy Albertson on lap 7.

Finally after 10 long laps I found my way around David, and was in 4th position. I couldn’t close the gap to the third place before the end of the race, which was my own fault ’cause I spent too much energy trying to pass David! So I finished 4th behind Desalle, who won the race, then Bobryshev and Ramon.

In the second heat I had a top five start, and my plan was to push for some good first laps. And don’t wait or be too careful with passing. I wanted to get going right away!

I was able to do my plan and I passed Clement on the third lap and took over the lead! Latvia is one of my favorite tracks and after my 4th place in the first moto I wanted to show that I could win! I pulled a pretty good gap of almost 20 seconds on Clement Desalle. I won the second heat … but my moto win wasn’t enough to take the overall victory. For that I was a bit disappointed ’cause I know I lost the GP win in the first heat with my fight with David Philippaerts. Anyway I was happy with my second overall podium and I did another good race for the Championship!

Next week I will go to Tanel Leok’s home for the ‘Leok Race’ in Estonia. And after that is the GP of Sweden! A beautiful country with beautiful people! : )

OK, now …

MXGP Sweden – Udevalla

After the GP of Latvia I went to Estonia for the ‘Leok Race’ on Tuesday. Monday we arrived in Estonia at Tanel Leok’s house and we went with everybody for a nice canoe trip in the fantastic landscape.

Last year it was my first time I went to Estonia for this race. It’s a race on the Leok family private track and it is always a big event in the village where they live, with a lot of fans! The race is two heats and a Super final. The overall from the 2 heats of MX1 was won by ‘Bobby’ Bobryshev and I won the Super final! The day after we took the boat …. and then headed off to the next GP in Sweden!

Saturday at the Uddevalla circuit: Practice went really well. Then in the qualification heat I started around seventh position … and I ended up finishing in fifth.

Sunday for the GP: In moto 1 I had one of my first hole shots of the year. I could pull a little gap, and won the first moto ahead of Clement Desalle and David Philippaerts.

In moto two I had another hole shot, and Clement was second behind me. The first few laps I had a bit of arm pump, and Desalle was able to pass me. Now I was second behind Clement.

After a while I closed the gap up to him and took back the lead … and went on to win the moto … and my second double heat victory of this season!

I was happy with my riding and my really great starts this past weekend in Sweden. Not like my GP of Latvia – where I was too busy thinking about the championship standings and that is why I didn’t ride like wanna’ ride – I wanna’ try to win the title by winning GP’s! (Not by only by defending my points lead in the championship.)

Now, I get to go home to Sicily for a few day’s of rest and spend time with my family. After that I will go to the KTM event on July 25th in Rome. And the time in between I will be in Lommel, Belgium to train there in the lovely, heavy sand to prepare myself for the next GP!!!

See you in a few weeks at the next GP in Belgium!

Ciao everybody!

Tony (222)

MX GPs of Latvia & Sweden, by World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli - Photo 1 of 1

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