A Supercross is usually filled with its share of dramatic moments. From the jump off the gate to those first turn pile ups, all the way to that finish and everything in between, the action at Supercross is always nonstop.

The 2010 Phoenix Supercross had more dramatic moments than your normal race. However it was in those days that followed that the drama grew with various opinions that were blasted across message boards and blogs. I certainly appreciated the hot topics brought to the surface by the many people who love the sport of Supercross. And like you I have my own thoughts on the James Stewart and Chad Reed ‘incident’ …

It was just one year ago when a controversy made headlines with Jason Lawrence, Josh Hansen and Steve Boniface were ‘fighting’.

The backlash for those guys were met by AMA officials. Last year the Rules stated that the following offense is subject to disciplinary action:

An attack on a Racing official and/or engaging in a fight. This includes any person who attacks or is involved in a fight anywhere on the premises prior to, during, or after an AMA Supercross meet. There will be no maximum fine or suspension period for this offense.

My point here is that Supercross is no stranger to its share of drama but in the aftermath of last year, and now Phoenix, what does it take to show some true sportsmanship and character in tough occupation?

James commented thru his blog initially. Info on Chad Reed came thru Kawasaki and Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Manager Mike Fisher stated that Chad would not return to racing until he is 100 percent. Chad is expected to miss a minimum of six weeks to heal his broken left hand. Six to seven weeks puts us near the Daytona Supercross and by then there will still be eight races left on the schedule.

The racing action for podium finishes at Phoenix were thrilling. To see Ryan Dungey take control of the 450 Supercross main event, and take over the points lead was amazing. Ryan Villopoto and Josh Hill were right there to capture the remaining two two positions, with Ryan taking second and Josh third. Villopoto is definitely working on his game plan of improving one race at a time. Hill also made huge improvements in Phoenix over his performance at the Anaheim season opener. Below are some of Josh’s thoughts …

It was great to be on the podium. The team puts in a lot of work and it is finally paying off. I could not thank everybody on the team enough. The Sam Manuel Yamaha team has done so much for me to help me turn around my career.

Before this race this coming weekend in Anaheim (Round 3) I’ve done some training and I rode out in the hills with Jeremy Stenberg and Josh Hansen and that was really fun. We had a good time and I have not had that much fun in a while. So this week was not all that bad and I feel that every time I get on that bike I get better and I believe that going out in the hills and riding for hours definitely helped.

The Sam Manuel people have set up appearances for us to go to the Boys and Girls club and hang out and talk with the kids, sign autographs, and show them that if you work hard you can achieve good things. The Sam Manuel Yamaha people are doing a lot to help promote the sport and at the same time give kids some inspiration, it is a good situation. The kids are cool and they are always excited to interact with us. I would have been stoked if someone like Jeremy McGrath came and hung out where I was hanging out as a kid, so it is a cool experience.

There has been a lot of rain here in southern California this week. All week. But Saturday is looking good as far as the weather is concerned. Both Blake Wharton and Trey Canard were two guys who opted to stay back in Phoenix to ride for the week, and stay away from the rain.

The Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGR/Yamaha team has two contracted rider – Justin Brayton and Josh Grant. Unfortunately Josh Grant will continue to heal his injured shoulder but it was rumored that another rider would hop on board his bike for a few races. I talked to Jeremy Albrecht, Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGR/Yamaha Team Manager about this rumor and he told me that they are working with Michael Byrne for this upcoming weekend.

I talked to Mike Young, Manager of Team MotoConcepts, and asked about Dan Reardon and if he is ready to get back to the racing. Dan had that harsh crash in his Heat race at Anaheim 1 and decided not to race Phoenix after suffering a grade 2 concussion. Mike relayed to me that Dan wanted to be 100 percent when racing and he did opt to wait a week to fully recover. The brunt of Dan’s crash broke his neck brace in half! Dan did get an MRI done on his knee and everything came back OK, but he’ll probably not be back racing until the San Francisco Supercross.


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