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This week I caught up with Kevin Windham. In the video below, Kevin Windham talks about the Superbowl Champions, the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, his family, his future plans for racing and beyond.

The Superbowl XLIV champions, the New Orleans Saints, have many fans – among them is none other than the number 14 in Supercross, Kevin Windham. While the NFL season started when Supercross was in its off season, Kevin was able to take part in season tickets to his favorite NFL team – da’ Saints. Eventually the 2010 Supercross season got underway in January, which meant Kevin was flying off after those Saturday night Main Events back East to watch the New Orleans Saints Playoff games.

On February 7, 2010 the New Orleans Saints headed to the Superbowl in Miami, Florida and Kevin Windham and his wife Dottie made arrangements to attend this momentous occasion. First, however Kevin had to finish up a Supercross race in San Diego the night before.

Ange: Supercross went ‘Pink’ and helped towards a cure and to raise awareness of Breast Cancer, what do you think?

Kevin: Honda is doing its part, MSR, & DVS is doing some things with hats and stuff and to be a part of it is an honor. Being a professional I think it is important and one of the biggest things we can do is to bring awareness to causes like this, Breast Cancer awareness, which I think is great. I personally know people that have been affected. Being a father, a son, husband and all, I think no one is exempt from this and awareness is a good thing. Every little bit financially helps. Feld, the riders and the teams are doing whatever little bit they can and in the grand scheme of things it is an honor.

You are sitting near eighth place right now, how are you feeling about your season?

Horrible. I am not happy with eighth at all. I had a really poor ride in San Francisco and then had a malfunction in San Diego which took me way out of the points. I think obviously everybody knows I am better than eighth and there is time to get where I need to be. I think the points are fairly tight and obviously I am back a little ways but anything can happen.

Dungey laid down the bike in the first turn, and we have a lot of riders going through some really weird stuff. We are not out of it yet but we need to minimize our mistakes and malfunctions. I thought in San Diego I was in a great position to get on the podium, the top 4 or 5 you could throw a blanket over us, it was that close and it was exciting to be a part of that race and hopefully I can do the same here but make it the entire 20 laps.

How is the family and all those little Windham kids?

Things are great! There is a lot going on at our house. We are starting a new business; Planet Fitness Gyms. I am juggling that and some of the opportunities Dottie and I have had go to different places, raising babies, and oh yeah racing motorcycles as well. You know it is all good and fun as my kids are between seven and four months old right now, so parenting is starting to get exciting.

You got a little bit of push from the seven year old with the talking back and then we have the complete infant baby stage, with Elizabeth our littlest one. It is a wide variety of parenting techniques that are being used in our house right now. It is tough to keep them straight, it seems like I am raising two and two are just kind of running wild out in the yard but, it is so much fun and it is really cool to get home after these long weekends where I have not seen them for a few days. They run up to me and I get thirty minute hugs, it is very cool.

A new business endeavor with Dottie, Planet Fitness Gyms sounds pretty cool Kevin!

Yeah, my wife and I are planning to open up a few Planet Fitness gyms in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area and we are really gearing towards the future. I have said that 2014 would be my retirement plan and obviously some good times have to happen between now and then for me to go four more years. Obviously not falling and hitting the ground and being able to keep your job in this industry, which has been tough the last few years. That is my goal and it is significant to me because my number is 14 and 2014 is also my twentieth season of professional. That is the goal for now and at this point it is very important for us to find out what we are going to do to keep us busy after racing. Right now it is opening Planet Fitness Gyms.

I know there must be a bunch of people that you have to thank that help you day to day.

Yeah, I could not be here without the Geico Powersports Honda Team. The economy is tough on a lot of these teams and my team is sticking strong and they are a great team to be representing. I have DVS, MSR, Spy, Shoei Helmets, Gaerne Boots, Amsoil, and Planet Fitness have all been instrumental in both the team and helping me. Planet Fitness is also helping in this new business endeavor. There are a ton of people that come together to make this thing happen and it is always a pleasure to be a part of this sport and we will keep it going for four more years.

– Ange


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