After a long day of racing in his first ever 250 Pro Motocross National, Justin Barcia made quite a statement at Glen Helen Raceway. Fresh on the pro scene, Justin was fast, comfortable, and by no means did he look like a rookie as he led laps in both motos. I caught up with Justin at the end of the day to get his perspective and his expectations for the remainder of the season.

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Justin lines up at the gate for Moto1 – Glen Helen

Angela: Alright Justin, you just completed your first full day of Pro National Motocross racing at the Glen Helen Raceway, how do you feel your day went overall and what can we expect from you the rest of the season?

Justin: Well, I am really tired right now after the long day but it was amazing. I got 9th my first Moto and 3rd in my second Moto, so it was awesome. I am just super happy to be here and I couldn’t of asked for anything better for sure. I have a great team, a great mechanic and my family and friends are here so it was great. And I’m just going to keep doing the same thing.

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Moto 1 Justin leads for 7 laps

A: This was the first time riding with the pros, were there any nerves leading up to the action and now here you are at the end of the day with some great laps in the books, I’m sure you are happy about that?

J: I didn’t really have too many nerves coming into the race, I am just really excited and pumped to be here, I feel great now and I am happy with what I did today.

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 A: In Moto 2 you were in the lead for almost the entire time, but unfortunately you lost that spot in the last few laps, what happen to you out there?

J: You know, I started to take it easy because I didn’t want to crash. I wanted to be on the Podium at my first race, that was a huge goal for me, I just took it easy, I didn’t want to push anything, or make anything bad happen, so I rode consistent.

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A: That Glen Helen track is not easy, there are some steep up and down hills sections, crazy turns, and it’s just plain tough, what did you think of that Glen Helen track and what was the toughest and easiest part of the track for you?

J: It was gnarly and the guys did a great job on the track but it was so rough and rutted, making it tough but it was good and I had fun. The easiest part was probably the sand sections, I felt pretty good over there but those down hills were gnarly, super rough, breaking bumps everywhere, so I’d say the down hills were pretty sketchy.

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A: Justin you are fresh out of the Amateur series with some major accomplishments; can you give us a little history on your Amateur career and what’s the biggest difference now at the Pro level?

J: When I started out in the amateurs I wasn’t the fastest guy out there but I worked at it, a lot and got faster and faster. I started to win Championships and now here I am. Things are way different here at the Nationals compared to Amateur racing. Amateur racing has much shorter Moto’s compared to the 30 minute Moto’s at a National, so that’s a big difference.

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A: It takes a great crew of people and support getting you to the Nationals, who would you like to thank?

J: My Mom and Dad, God, and all my family and friends, I want to thank them for supporting me. Geico Powersports Honda, Unbound Energy, and everyone, Thanks a lot!

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A: Sweet, great job out there Justin, see you next week!

J: Thanks.


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