The 123rd FIM Congress ended in Salvador, Brazil on October 21, 2006.
And Mr. Vito Ippolito was elected FIM President on Monday the 16th
October. Mr. Ippolito is Venezuelan; he is 54 years old and married
with 3 children. He has been President of the FMV (Venezuelan
Federation) since 1992, he was member of the FIM Road Racing Commission
from 1984 until 1990, and he was FIM Vice-President from 1990 to 1996,
and then FIM Deputy President since 1997. He was also President of the
ULM (Union Latino-Americana de Motociclismo) from 1984 until 1998. He
was manager of the team Venemotos whose rider Carlos Lavado became 250
Grand Prix World Champion in 1983 and 1986. Vito Ippolito is the first
non-European elected President of the FIM since its foundation in 1904.

With big applause, Mr. Francesco Zerbi, President of FIM from 1995 to
2006, has been unanimously appointed FIM Honorary President.

“I would like to first thank President Zerbi for all that he has done
for all the motorcycle world,” Mr. Giuseppe Luongo, President of
Youthstream, said, “Under his management all motorcycling specialties
have made tremendous improvements, now billions of people are able to
watch all the different motor sports on television, circuits are more
spectacular, safer with more comforts to receive the fans, teams are
more and more professional and the top riders are making salaries like
movie stars. Thanks President Zerbi’s view Motocross now is a very well
known sport and the SuperMoto World Championship and the Motocross
Women World Cup have been born.

Giuseppe Luongo continued by saying, “I want to congratulate Mr. Vito
Ippolito for his election as President of FIM and we wish him all the
best for his future management of FIM. We are sure FIM is in very good
hands and it will continue to develop the motorcycling all around the
world. We confirm our continuing co-operation and loyalty to FIM’s new

“I take this occasion to thank also Mr. Guy Maitre and all his FIM
staff for their great co-operation during these years as well as Mr.
Wolfgang Srb and all the CMS.”

Courtesy Youthstream

The FIM is the world governing body of motorcycling.

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