Hi friends!

I’d like to give you an update of what I’ve been doing the past few months, and tell you about what I have coming up.

After the Motocross of Nations, I had a few weeks that were not quite as busy as during the GP season. I was able to spend time with my family, my girlfriend, and friends. During the racing season I stay in Belgium, but after the racing season, and before a new season, I stay in my apartment in Rome, close to my team.

I had time to redecorate our apartment in Rome, and install some new gadgets in my camper. I also went thru all my race stuff from the 2009 season, and will be sending it to my parents in Sicily. So …. lot’s of things to do!

The weekend of November 13 & 14 you could find me on the EICMA Salon in Milan – it’s one of the biggest motorcycle shows in the world, and I could visit with all my great sponsors. The day after, the 15th of November, I did my first “RedBull Train with Tony” event in Cremona. It’s a riding school, where me and my friend Claudio Federici spend a whole day together with a group of kids. We try to teach them something about riding, and we talk a lot about personal experiences, but for the most of them it’s just a nice day of being together, and all of us having fun together as well.

I did the second “RedBull Train with Tony” event in Moltalbano Jonico on November 29. All the money we raised from this was for charity. I would like to thank Claudio, RedBull and Caterina for helping to organise these events!

If you would like to watch a nice video of “RedBull Train with Tony”, check out this link!


Next, I did another charity event on November 22, called “Una Gara per Luca”! It is a great event where MX riders and MotoGP riders team together and ride to collect money for Luca Pellegrini. Marco Melandri and I were teamed together, and after the four heats we were the winning pair of the weekend. It is a great event, and I enjoyed being there to help Luca!

Between all those Charity events that I LOVE to do, I have not stopped riding my bike. I have been riding a lot … almost everyday. Sometimes I do serious training, but most of the time it’s just play riding with my bike, … to try and get some good feeling with the bike. We are training at our team circuit Malagrotta, which is near Rome. There at the circuit, Claudio (my team manager) is on the tractor, making some good jumps, and I’m also on the scoop, trying to make some better jumps. And guess what? After that, I’m the one that has to try ‘our’ new jumps! : ) It’s great, we just have fun together and it’s a good feeling for the whole team.

The first of December I flew to Sicily, and then to my parents house, where I organized for the second year “Tony and the Stars” on December 5 & 6. It is a race on my home track, almost in the backyard of my parents house. Some of my good friends come over, and we spend the weekend together in Sicily.

It’s more than just a race though. It also includes an Enduro trip into the mountains on Saturday, a family dinner at Pappa and Mamma Cairoli’s house, with all my sisters and nephews at a big long table, …. and then some fun races on Sunday for the Sicilian public! It was a great weekend, … we had so much fun. And I always like to take my friends to show Sicily (Patti), to show them where I’m from!

I would like to thank my parents and my three sisters who were very busy for weeks helping to organisate this race! And my friends who could come this year, Marco Melandri, Matteo Bonini, Kiara Fontanesi, Luca Fontanesi, Mike Valade and for sure all the rest! Grazie Mille!!

That following Monday night, Valentino Rossi and I received the Motosprint “Golden Helmet” Awards at a great award show in Bologna, Italy.

This weekend I’m spending some time in Budapest. Marco and I are visiting our friend Rocco Siffredi. And after the weekend Claudio Federici and I are busy with our 5 days of MX school in Mallagrotta.

Then, for Christmas, I’ll be a few day’s in Holland with Jill’s family, and after that we will spend a few day’s in Sicily with my family. It’s just gonna’ be a few day’s of family time, and having some nice dinners together with the people I care about. For New Year’s, I will go with a group of friends to the snow for some snowboarding …. and then we are already into 2010! And I can start testing my new KTM bikes!

For now, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Successful New Year! And I’ll see you all on February 6 & 7 at the Airoh Starcross in Mantova!

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

Grazie Tutti,

Tony 222

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