Team USA has won the 64th edition of the Motocross of Nations, this year held in the USA. The American team of Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, and Andrew Short put on quite a performance in front of their home crowd.

There are three races in Motocross of Nations. The first race of the day – MX1 and MX2.

This race would feature the top American supercross and motocross racer Ryan Dungey, and World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli – a race that many people all over the world have wanted to see. The race also featured America’s Trey Canard, France’s Marvin Musquin, and Germany’s Ken Roczen – all on the 250’s against the bigger bikes.

Ryan would go on to win this race. There was drama from the very start – Trey Canard crashed going into the first corner! Would Team USA’s hopes end before even the first lap had ended?

Trey put in maybe the ride of his life, coming from last to finish 12th in the moto. Against not only the 250 class riders, but the ‘big’ bike riders as well. Ken Roczen would score as top 250 rider, and, as mentioned earlier, Ryan Dungey won the moto. World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli of Italy would finish second, and World 250 MX Champion Marvin Musquin would finish 39th – the victim of mechanical problems on the bike.

Right after this race, the media was informed that Tony Cairoli was feeling the combined effects of the weather (hot) and the altitude of the race track (over 1 mile in altitude, definitely takes some getting used to, because you are not able to get enough oxygen into your body as at sea level).

Race 2 would be – MX2 and Open. That would be 250cc bikes, and Open a rider can choose any size bike he and his team want. Most riders choose the big (350 to 500cc) bikes. Some of the ‘names’ now in the race because of the Open class – America’s Andrew Short, and New Zealand’s Ben Townley.

This race would have some drama as well. As you can see very well in the photos below, Andrew Short, who was leading had a run in with Ben Townley, who passed Short for the lead. Some on hand thought it was a bit of rough racing, but hard to say … you have two guys going for the lead … but Andrew ended up on the ground. And it took him a while to get going again.

Ben Townley would go on to win this race. Kyle Regal, racing for Puerto Rico finished second! Ken Roczen, racing a 250 would finish third. Canard was seventh. Max Nagl, also racing for Team Germany was fifth. Andrew Short finished 13th.

This set up the final race of the day – MX1 and Open. Germany was leading for the Championship! They had 28 points, USA was second with 33 points, and Belgium was third with 34 points.

Tony Cairoli and Ryan Dungey lined up right next to each other on the starting gate (as you can see in photos). But this was to be a battle between those three top teams. Staring away from the ‘best’ starting spots of the left hand side of the start gate, on the other side of the ‘dog house’ was Andrew Short.

At the end of lap one – it was Andrew Short and Ryan Dungey of Team USA running first and second – amazing! Dungey would pass Andrew for the lead, and then Townley would pass Short. It was Dungey first, Townley second, Short third. Later in the race, Townley would spin out in a corner, handing second back to Short, and American finished one-two in this moto. It didn’t matter what Team Germany or Team Belgium could do – America would win the overall with those scores of 1/2 in this race.

And that’s what they did – Team USA would win! Belgium takes second, and Germany third!

As far as individual performances, it was Ryan Dungey’s day. He proved that today, he was the best, winning both of his race. Ryan won the individual honors for MX1. Ken Roczen of Germany would be the best 250 (MX2) racer of the day, and Clement Desalle of Belgium was the individual winner of the Open class – all on Suzuki’s!

Here are the official results:

  1. USA: Dungey, Canard, Short
  2. Belgium: Ramon, Van Horebeek, Desalle
  3. Germany: Schiffer, Roczen, Nagl
  4. Great Britain: Nicholls, Wilson, Anderson
  5. Italy: Cairoli, Lupino, Monni
  6. Australia: Metcalfe, Ferris, Marmont
  7. France: Paulin, Musquin, Boog
  8. New Zealand: Coppins, Groombridge, Townley
  9. Portugal: Goncalves, Basaula, Correia
  10. Puerto Rico: Ruiz, Osborne, Regal

Click on thumbnail to view larger image: Team USA’s Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, and Andrew Short. Team Belgium’s Jeremy van Horebeek, Clement Desalle, and Steve Ramon. Team Germany’s Marcus Schiffer, Ken Roczen, and Max Nagl. The three individual class winners of Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, and Clement Desalle. Antonio Cairoli number 16 for Italy. Dean Wilson rode for Great Britain. Two shots of number 1, Ryan Dungey. Tony Cairoli gets ready on starting line, Trey Canard, number 4 airborne is Gautier Paulin of France. It’s the start of the first race, Marcus Schiffer, two shots of number 5 – Marvin Musquin of France, Ryan Dungey, Ben Townley 33 wins the second race, Clement Desalle is number 9 for Belgium, Andrew Short is number 3 … getting another holeshot, Ken Roczen and Ben Townley battle, Zach Osborne rode for Puerto Rico, Andrew Short, Ben Townley, Brett Metcalfe 19, Ryan Dungey 1, and Ben Townley 33 at the start of race 3, the all-American podium, Ryan Dungey jumps over finish line to celebrate race win, 16 is Tony Cairoli, two great shots of Andrew Short falling in moto 2, two shots of number 16 Tony Cairoli, number 2 is Trey Canard, number 9 is Belgium’s Clement Desalle, two shots of Dungey and Cairoli on line together for start of race 3, Ryan Dungey – victorious, and celebrating with the American flag, two action shots of Dungey, the three individual class winners again – Dungey MX1, Roczen MX2, Desalle Open. Number 11 is Ken Roczen. Number 12 is Max Nagl. The three teams on the podium, part of the press and photographers on hand, two action shots of Ken Roczen, three more great shots of Townley and Short’s collision, Andrew Short with holeshot in moto three, two more action shots of Andrew Short (Honda number 3), Andrew on the podium holding the Chamberlain Trophy for the winning team, Amanda interviewing Stefan Everts, 33 is Ben Townley, and the three Americans celebrate their victory with smiles and ‘Old Glory’. Photos by Gerald Geronimo and Bill Quackenbush.

Motocross of Nations - Team USA again! - Photo 61 of 61
Team USA wins MXoN again

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