Saturday’s Qualifying at the 2011 MX of Nations in France. The Motocross of Nations at St. Jean d’Angely, France is the most prestigious MX race of the year. In today’s Qualifying Races it was the Americans: Ryan Dungey (MX1 class), Blake Bagget (MX2 class), and Ryan Villopoto (Open class) all led every lap of their respective motos. USA dominated in an almost unbelievable fashion, thus scoring 2 points for the day.

The Italian team surprised everyone with a second best overall for the day and scoring 4 points. Italy’s Antonio Cairoli gave Ryan Dungey everything he could handle in the MX1 qualifier, finishing 2nd on the day behind Team USA’s captain. The host country’s Team France, finished third overall for the day, with Chrisophe Pourcel finishing 3rd in MX1, Marvin Musquin 2nd in MX2 and Gautier Paulin 3rd in the Open class. They received 6 points on the day. France is one of the favorites to end USA’s reign as MXoN Champions.

Motocross of Nations 2011: Saturday's MX action and qualifying - Photo 1 of 36

Each member of Team USA gets the Lovemytime Holeshot Award for winning their respective motos

Roger De Coster said, “We have two riders with experience, and we expected to be on top. I was impressed with Antonio Cairoli, he put some pressure on Dungey, and rode great in some sections of the track. What this guy (Blake) did is amazing. It’s difficult to come race the first time in Europe. The French team rode good today, and the Italians were even better than I expected. Of course Cairoli will do well, but I was very impressed with the other Italian riders. Remember though, today is only Qualifying. Tomorrow is what counts. We should not be over-confident”

Watch the Motocross of Nations, here thru, either live or VOD. It is thru Youthstream’s video system, at On Saturday, Septebmer 17, there are five and half hours of video programming available. Noon to 5:30pm local time. That is 6am Eastern Time start, 3am Pacific Time start. On Sunday, video programming starts at 1pm local time, which is 7am Eastern Time, and 4am Pacific Time.

Qualifying Heat MX1:
  1. Ryan Dungey – USA
  2. Antonio Cairoli – ITA
  3. Christophe Pourcel – FRA
  4. Chad Reed – AUS
  5. Tyla Rattray – RSA
  6. Rui Goncalves – POR
  7. Tanel Leok – EST
  8. Evgeny Bobryshev – RUS
  9. Tommy Searle – BGR
  10. Jonathan Barragan – ESP
  11. Yoshitaka Atsuta – JPN
  12. Antti Pyrh̦nen РFIN
  13. Günter Schmidinger – AUT
  14. Filip Neugebauer – CZE
  15. Marcello Ferreira de Lima – BRA
  16. Marvin Van Daele – BEL
  17. Martin Barr – IRL
  18. Herjan Brakke – NED
  19. Daniel Siegl – GER
  20. Nicolai Hansen – DMU
  21. Lauris Freibergs – LAT
  22. Toni Mulec – SLO
  23. Nenad Sipek – CRO
  24. Yves Furlato – SUI
  25. Arunas Gelazninkas – LTU
  26. Joel Doeksen – NZL
  27. Humberto Martin – VEN
  28. Viktor Gubergsson – ISL
  29. Vasilis Siafarikas – GRE
  30. Atison Ruadreo – THA
  31. Luis M. Grana – PUR
  32. Jianhao Xu – CHN
  33. Fredrik Noren – SWE
  34. Roman Morozov – FMU
  35. Meshari Abou – KUW
  36. Remi Nyegaard – NOR
Qualifying Heat MX2
  1. Blake Baggett – USA
  2. Marvin Musquin – FRA
  3. Dean Wilson – GBR
  4. Ken Roczen – GER
  5. Joel Roelants – BEL
  6. Alessandro Lupino – ITA
  7. Pascal Rauchenecker – AUT
  8. Stefan Kjer Olsen – DEN
  9. Jose Antonio Butron – ESP
  10. Stuart Edmonds – IRL
  11. Jeremy Seewer – SUI
  12. Tim Gajser – SLO
  13. Aleksandr Tonkov – RUS
  14. Priit Rätsep – EST
  15. Ludvig Söderberg – FIN
  16. Eduardo Ferreira de Lima – BRA
  17. Even Heibye – NOR
  18. Paolo Alberto – POR
  19. Davis Ivanovs – LAT
  20. Donny Bastemeijer – NED
  21. Takuya Mihara – JPN
  22. Filip Bengtsson – SWE
  23. John Phillips – NZL
  24. Marek Sukup – CZE
  25. Hrvoje Karas – CRO
  26. Tommy Week – PUR
  27. Andriy Burenko – UKR
  28. Carlos Badiali – VEN
  29. Eythor Reynisson – ISL
  30. Panagiotis Papilas – GRE
  31. Matt Moss – AUS
  32. Jie Yang – CHN
  33. Nerijus Rukstela – LTU
  34. Abdullah Hamed Alruwaih – KUW
  35. Jugkrit Suksripaisan – THA
  36. Shannon Terreblance – RSA
Qualifying Heat Open
  1. Ryan Villopoto – USA
  2. Davide Guarneri – ITA
  3. Gautier Paulin – FRA
  4. Kevin Strijbos – BEL
  5. Brett Metcalfe – AUS
  6. Gareth Swanepoel – RSA
  7. Jeffrey Herlings – NED
  8. Arnaud Tonus – SUI
  9. Carlos Campano – ESP
  10. Martin Michek – CZE
  11. Luis Correia – POR
  12. Brad Anderson – BGR
  13. Gert Krestinov – EST
  14. Jimmer Albertson – PUR
  15. Hiroaki Arai – JPN
  16. Antonio Jorge Balbi JR – BRA
  17. Ivo Steinbergs – LAT
  18. Kasper Lynggaard – DEN
  19. Tom Söderström – SWE
  20. Sergey Astaykin – RUS
  21. Marcus Schiffer – GER
  22. Klemen Gercar – SLO
  23. Matthias Walker – AUT
  24. Toni Eriksson – FIN
  25. Vytautas Bucas – LTU
  26. Andreas Gultvedt – NOR
  27. Kieran Scheele – NZL
  28. Richard Bird – IRL
  29. Oleksandr Pashchynskyi – UKR
  30. Kari Jonsson – ISL
  31. Trakarn Thangthong – THA
  32. Manolis Skivalos – GRE
  33. Danijel Bozic – CRO
  34. Chi Fung Lai – CHN
  35. Faisal Ben-Awadh – KUW
  36. Raimundo Trasolini – VEN

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Team USA is the defending champion, and ready to try and repeat for the sixth year in a row. Led by Team Manager Roger De Coster, the riders are Ryan Dungey – 2010 AMA Supercross Series and Motocross Series Champion, Ryan Villopoto – the recently crowned AMA Motocross Class Champion and the 2011 AMA Supercross Series Champion, and Blake Baggett – riding the MX2 class in his first taste of “Nations”.

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  1. Watch the event on your computer, both Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18. And there’s more, you can also receive the Fox Motocross of Nations package when you purchase the video access – it comes with an official Fox shirt from the Motocross of Nations event. On Saturday, Septebmer 17, there are five and half hours of video programming available. Noon to 5:30 local time. That is 6am Eastern Time start, 3am Pacific Time start. On Sunday, video programming starts at 1pm local time, which is 7am Eastern Time, and 4am Pacific Time.
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Much more is coming on from the 2011 Motocross of Nations in Saint Jean d’Angely, France, so stay tuned!

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