by Amanda

Autodromo di Franciarcorta, Italy

Tuesday, September 29

Just before midnight, I’m drinking my coffee and packing up the few things I had left to put in my bag, and I thought “Man, should I pull an all – nighter and just not sleep and get right on the plane in a few hours to Italy? really have pulled an all nighter?

Yep, I powered thru! Tooth brush, CHECK, track shoes, CHECK, cameras, CHECK …. After I felt content with what I packed (meaning, when I just couldn’t fit another paperclip in my bag, in fear the zipper would burst open) I was ready to rock.

Just a few hours later, but technically it was Wednesday, September 30

I was at the airport by 4:30am and everything was going smooth, … just 5 people in line ahead of me at check-in. And then … BOOM – the computers all went down. The flight checker inner guy (I obviously don’t know what his job title is) came out and insured everyone not to worry, that they would have everything up and running soon! Well, if by ‘soon’ he meant an extra two hours – then he was right! “Soon” after that I boarded my plane.

I won’t bore you with my 20 hours of flying …

Thursday, October 1

Arrived in Milan, Italy airport around 8:30 am. I felt great! I had not been to Europe since the FIM Off Road awards in Monte Carlo last December! So needless to say it felt great to be back. Got my bag, jumped into my rental car and took a look at the map … “Where the heck is the track?” Three hours later …. I still found myself lost.

A few more hours later, and now very knowledgeable of every street, freeway and gas station in between the airport and the track – I found myself at Autodromo di Franciarcorta! (the circuit where the most important Motocross race of the year will take place this weekend!) I couldn’t wait to say hello and catch up with some of my old friends from the GPs.

My big goal for the day though – to talk with Mr Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream. After catching up, I Interviewed Giuseppe outside his office at the track. You can see the interview in the video below.

And you can see a few photos I took at the race track today as well. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger images.

Being at the circuit reminded me of a beautiful flower that’s in my yard. You can tell beforehand when it’s going to begin blooming. And that’s what it’s like here. Things are starting to bloom in preparation for the biggest MX event of the year. The track is in place. Pit lane is in place. The trucks are being parked. Personnel are staring to come in. The place is starting to really come alive. The excitement is building, especially with so many teams that feel they have a chance at the win! All the infrastructure is in place. The teams are constructing their personal pit areas. Vendors are setting up. Everyone is in a good mood and exciting for this weekend’s racing!

The buzz around the track? You guessed it, everyone is talking about what team will win and why … it’s fun to hear their answers. Hey that just gave me an idea! : )


Click on thumbnail to view large images

Interview with Giuseppe Luongo

Motocross of Nations 2009, Italy, Thursday - Photo 10 of 10

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