At the Brazilian MX Grand Prix, Tony Cairoli won the 2010 FIM World Motocross Championship in the premiere MX1 class. Here Tony talks about the week that was – his fourth World Title!

Hey everybody,

The weekend before the GP of Brasil I raced in a Belgian race at the “Keiheuvel”. It’s a classic & famous race, and all the GP riders race there. I always look forward to this race.

In the first moto everything went well, and I won the heat. In the second heat I hit something with my gear shifter at the start, and had to stop to make it straight again, … so I ended up starting last.

I was riding well enough, and in ninth position, and just passing Y. Martens. We were together in a corner and I wanted to pass him on the outside, when he came straight into me and we made a big crash. I had a lot of pain in my wrist, and the skin of my elbow was completely gone! I consider myself lucky that it wasn’t worse!

So, that was my Belgian “Keiheuvel” experience for 2010.

Tuesday after that race our entire team had our air flight to Brasil. When we arrived in Brasil, the weather was great. As we got settled into our hotel, we were with lot’s of other riders as well in the same hotel – it was nice, and we had some fun together.

On Thursday, Mormaii organized a nice day for many of us … we played football together, a lot of the girls got to go horse-back riding, and at the end of the day we went fishing.

Friday I went to the circuit to see the new track. After that, I went with Rui (Goncalves) to a supermarket. Rui had to make a Red Bull commercial. It was fun – he had to go with his bike in the supermarket and search for the Red Bull!

On Saturday, training went really well and I had the quickest time in the pre-qualification practice. In the Qualification Race I had a top five start … and I passed Tanel Leok and Xavier Boog in the first laps. I closed the gap to leader David Philippaerts and we had a nice battle for the pole. I finished second behind David.

Sunday: Race day!

In the first moto Steve Ramon and I hit each other straight after the gate dropped, so I had a terrible start. I was in 15th position at the first intermediate point. I had a long way to go before I was with the top riders again.

But my riding went great and I keep passing guys every lap. After I passed Tanel (Leok), Rui, and Davide Guarneri, I was in fourth position, but there was a big gap to the leaders David Philippaerts, Clement Desalle and Max Nagl.

I kept pushing hard, and closed to them ’cause my lap times were good. I passed Max next, and was in the back wheel of Clement when I lost time with a lapped rider. Then a few corners before the finish, Clement made a mistake and I passed him and finished second!

In moto two I made a better start, top five, behind David Philippaerts. I passed David on the first lap. After a few laps, then I passed Max Nagl. I closed the gap again to Clement, who was leading. I wanted to pass him, but I made a mistake and my front wheel slid away and I crashed. Again I was in fourth position behind David, Max and Clement.

I passed David and Max for the second time and was on my way back towards Clement in the lead. I wanted to pass him for the GP victory. Three laps before the finish, I was right in the back of him when his bike stopped! He had some electric problem and his Suzuki bike stopped! That meant that not only did I win the Grand Prix … but I was able to win my MX1 World Championship Title again!

The last few laps were very strange, realizing that I was riding to take my fourth World Motocross Title! Everything went so fast, and I knew it was possible, but I didn’t expect to take the title already in Brasil with two rounds remaining!

The last lap I did some nac-nacs and waved to the amazing Brasilian fans – they were great. And when I came over the finish line I saw the whole team, they where so happy! It was amazing!

I have had such a great season, a season that I started with a whole new 350cc KTM bike. The KTM bike was totally new – not only for me, but also the 350 engine was new for the whole world. And I was the one who had to prove that it was a world championship bike! And it is!

Also the KTM team was new for me this year, but I know I made the best decision to stay with my team manager Claudio de Carli, and mechanic’s Nazzareno and Lino!

It was sad that my family, my mom and dad, my sisters and friends could not be in Brasil to share all this with us, but they are coming to the next GP in Lierop, The Netherlands, where we will celebrate my title together.

Behind me are a big group of important people who helped me a lot this year, and they are a big part of my success!

I would like to thank everybody who was there for me during this season – my team, Claudio, Pit, Stefan, Nazzareno, Lino, Ricardo, Peter, Bart, Davide, Tania, Valentina, Seb, Bengt, Ornella, my Mamma, my Pappa, Jill, my team-mates, Max, Rui, Marvin, Shaun, Jeffrey, my sisters, my family, my friends, my manager, my sponsors, and my FANS!!! GRAZIEEEEEEEEEE!!!



P.S. 5 September, Sunday night after the GP of Lierop, there is again for now the fourth time my “World Championship Party” at the same location as last year. I wanna invite everybody to celebrate this with me and my team. (And I hope we can also celebrate my team mate Marvin Musquin’s MX2 World Title that night!) It will be at Tuincafe, Lommel.

Thank you everyone!

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