2009 Womens Motocross Supercross Foundation “MotoBowl” Charity Event took place in Lake Elsinore, Ca on May 21, 2009. The Bowling Alley was packed with Supercross, Freestyle and Off-road Champions! Jeremy McGrath, Johnny Campbell, and Todd Potter were just a couple of names in the house! The event was hopping and the spirit of charity was definitely in the air! For more information on the Womens Motocross Supercross Foundation please visit www.wmxf.org

Our own Michele Johnson here at Supercross.com made some aggressive photo rounds at MotoBowl trying to catch the action and pimp as many photos with the industry celebs as possible, check them out!!

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: FMX Icon Jeremy “Twitch” Steinberg and his wife, Robbie Maddison and Nicco Izzi, Robbie Maddison and MJ, Cameron Steel and MJ, Mrs. Maddison and Ken Faught, Eric and Bridget Shermann, Dano on the Mic, FMX Icon Beau Manley, The MotoCandy Girls, WMA Pro Sara Price and MJ, Blonde Girls, Andrew Short, Photogs, MotoBowler, Grant Langston, Johnny Campbell, Johnnny Campbell 2, MJ and Friend, Kasey Bancroft, Grant Langston and MJ, Josh Grant and Twins, MotoBowlers, Lexi AMA Amateur Racer and MJ, Grant Langston, Randy Sheckler, Randy Sheckler and MJ, Chris McAvoy and friends, Dano time, jake Ashcraft, Erin Bates and Davi Millsaps, GL Bowling, Michael Berm and Robbie Maddison, Industry Boys, Jimmy Button, Maddo, Newty and Mrs. Maddison, Mr. and Ms. Maddison, Jimmy Fitzpatrick and crew, Lil D and Friends, Deven Raper and MJ, Todd Potter and Cameron Steel, MotoBowlers, WMXF Staff, MJ and Friends, Maddo and Fans, Lil D and Chris McAvoy, MotoBowlers, Sheckler Racing Team, Nate Ramsay, Erin Bates and Friends, Launi and Friends, Launi and more friends, Jessica Patterson and friends,

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