Racing for the fight against Breast Cancer – October 14, 2006

#1415 Race Report – Lauren Brogger (driver) & Lindsey Lovell (co-driver)

By: Lindsey Lovell

This weekend was definitely one of the best times of my life. Friday we
arrived in Barstow, CA. I was able to prerun with Geoff & Mo of
Giant Motorsports which was a big help. Nick Tonelli(owner of the
Beehive race truck) & Lauren Brogger (driver) got there and we
cruised over to tech. After tech, the boys worked out a few bugs on the
truck. We headed back to main pit and enjoyed the campfire with friends
& family.

Saturday was here! How exciting! Lauren & I got suited up and
jumped into the truck, and then we headed off to the staging area.
Excited & nervous, we weren’t sure what to expect of the other
racers. The green flag dropped as we proceeded down main, it was a
feeling you can’t experience by words. Lauren had never raced, neither
had I but she was a natural right off the bat!

We dropped down in the first turn, got stuck in a sand wash but not for
long. The rest of the first lap was pretty much just getting used to
the feel of the course, “shake down” pit stops, and random spectators
washing our windows. (Thanks guys!) This was the first time the truck
had been out since being linked, so pit stops were definitely a must
even if there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. Now very comfortable
with the course, on our 2nd lap it was clean, fun, and faster. On our
3rd lap we had a few difficulties. Lauren noticed something had to be
wrong. She asked how my tires looked. They looked fine and she agreed
on her side as well. Nick and the guys flagged us down (couldn’t hear
much of anything on the radio) and as we came in to stop, they told us
we had a flat on the front right tire. They fixed the tire within a few
short minutes and had us back on our way. On the same lap around mile
marker 15, I happened to be looking back to watch for other race
vehicles when I saw a black object fly out of the back! I told Lauren
then radio-ed it in. Around mile marker 17, we pulled over to ask the
F.A.I.R. guys what we lost. As we stopped the truck had stalled and one
of the guys was yelling, “You don’t even have a battery!” They tried
and tried to fix us. We called Nick on the race cell phone and let him
know our exact location. The F.A.I.R. guys even tried to charge the
truck up with power from a battery and then tow start us. Didn’t work,
the starter had broke. The whole battery and battery mount was what I
saw flying out! Nick & Cody came to the rescue in no time; they
rigged up Cody’s battery with bungee cords & tie-downs. All the
guys push started us and sent us on our way to the finish line. Taking
it easy for the last three miles, we crossed the finish line in 4th
place! What an experience! I’ve never had so much fun in my life!

Thanks to all the pit support from our friends & family. Thank you
Andrew! Thanks Nick & the Tonelli’s, Cody, Lauren Brogger!

M.O.R.E. has reported that they raised over $51,000 for Breast Cancer
at this event! Proceeds will go to the Cedar Sinai Hospital Breast
Cancer Research Center.

M.O.R.E. & Damzl Inc. 1st Annual Powder Puff Race - Photo 1 of 1

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