Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green dominated both amateur national events held in Texas over the last two weeks, taking a grand total of 35 championships at the Lake Whitney Spring Classic and the GNC Finals at Oak Hill. The first amateur national of the year started out with Kawasaki earning 16 championships and 23 additional trips to the podium at Lake *** MX. During week two at Oak Hill MX Park, the green riders stepped up their championship run, winning 19 titles and 25 additional podiums.

Great Start

The first two nationals of the year came and went with Kawasaki showing its dominance once again. The green riders came away with a total of 35 championships, more than any other manufacturer in competition. They also racked up 48 podium finishes during the two weeks.

“We had a great two weeks” said Ryan Holliday, Team Green Supervisor. “The riders were really fast at both events and really made the Kawasaki brand stand out amongst the competition.”

Good Two Weeks For AC92

Coming into Texas, 13-year-old Adam Cianciarulo was focused and ready to make it a great two weeks. He succeed as he won 14 of his 16 motos and earned 7 championships. He was perfect at Oak Hill, winning every moto and championship entered.

“The feeling of winning a championships never gets old” said Cianciarulo. “I still feel the same way I did when I won my first title.”

Anderson Earns Five

New team member Jason Anderson started out his 2010 season with five championships and four-second place finishes. The 17-year old has adapted to the KX250F and KX450F and looks to be more determined than ever to win big this season.

Summers Steps Up

Returning Team Green rider Justin Summers, 15, turned heads at the both rounds in Texas. He was a consistent threat for moto wins and took home three championships and two podium finishes. For the 2010 season, Summers stepped up his program and it showed on the tracks in Texas.

“I feel a lot stronger now that I’m working with a trainer” said Summers. “Its made such a big difference and I think it is starting to show in my racing.”

Busy Few Weeks

Earl May’s love for racing had him driving from Florida on Monday after attending the amateur racing school at Daytona International Speedway to Lake Whitney, Texas that night to make it for the first set of motos on Tuesday. The busy schedule didn’t seem to interrupt the 46-year-old’s focus as he won six titles and one podium during his time in Texas.

Always on the Job

The commitment of great trackside support continued at the two nationals in Texas, with Team Green staff ready to help out with tech support and emergency parts. The service is open for any Kawasaki rider that is in need of help.

Having Fun with Traxxas

New sponsor Traxxas was on hand with their semi-truck at both rounds in Texas. The radio control company built tracks at each location for racers to come out with their Traxxas trucks and test their skills. Traxxas commitment mirrors Team Greens as they were available to tech support and parts.

“Traxxas was definitely popular at the events in Texas” said Holliday. “They do a great job helping out their customers with trouble shooting and parts supply. The demo track they build gives the kids a safe place to hang out during their downtime and still have a great time.”


Lake Whitney Spring Classic

Lake Whitney MX Track ,Äì Lake Whitney, Texas

March 8-13, 2010


Adam Cianciarulo- 85 (12-13) Modified

Adam Cianciarulo- SuperMini 2 (13-16)

Adam Cianciarulo- 85 (12-13) Stock

Jason Anderson- 450A

Jason Anderson- 450A Pro Sport

Jason Anderson- Four Stroke Open

Earl May- 35+

Earl May- 40+ A/B

Earl May- 45+

Mark Worth- Jr Mini (9-11)

Brandy Richards- Girls 9-13

Jennifer Burton- Women 12+

Justin Summers- 450B Modified

Zeb Smith- College B/C (17-24)

Kevin Seamans- 30+ B/C

Matt Tedder Sr.- 50+

Second Place

Mark Worth- 85 (9-11) Stock

Jon Ames- 85 (12-13) Modified

Adam Cianciarulo- Supermini 1 (12-15)

Jason Anderson- 250A

Jason Anderson- 250A Pro Sport

Broc Gurley- 250C Stock

Justin Summers- 450B Stock

Trey Davis- 450C Stock

Trey Davis- 450C Modified

Kevin Seamans- 25+ B/C

Chris Kirk- 40+ C/D

Matt Tedder Sr.- 45+

Third Place

Nick Gaines- Supermini 1 (12-15)

Nick Gaines- Supermini 2 (13-16)

Justin Bogle- Open Amateur

Justin Bogle- Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/C

Shelbie Brittain- Women 12+

Zeb Smith- 250B Stock

Tyler Sjoberg- 450A Pro Sport

Dylan Cox- 450B Stock

Steven Tokavski- College B/C (17-24)

Michael Stevenson- Vet Expert 25/30+

Chris Kirk- 30+ B/C

GNC Finals at Oak Hill

Oak Hill MX Track ,Äì Alvord, Texas

March 14-20, 2010


Adam Cianciarulo- 85 (12-13) Stock

Adam Cianciarulo- 85 (12-13) Modified

Adam Cianciarulo- Supermini 85 -150 thru 16

Adam Cianciarulo- 85 7-16 Open

Earl May- 35+

Earl May- 40+

Earl May- 45+

Jennifer Burton- Women 99-250F Non-Pro

Jennifer Burton- 99-250F Schoolgirl 12-16 Modified

Jason Anderson- Open Skill

Jason Anderson- 250 Open

Justin Summers- 450 Intermediate Modified

Justin Summers- 450 Intermediate Stock

Justin Blocker- 450 Novice Stock

Justin Blocker- 450 Novice Modified

Brandon Riehm- 250 Novice Stock

Brandon Riehm- 250 Novice Modified

Zeb Smith- 250 4-Stroke Mod Non-Pro

Matt Tedder Sr.- 50+

Second Place

Brandon Riehm- 450 Novice Stock

Jason Anderson- 250A Modified

Jason Anderson- 450 A Modified

Jason Anderson- 450 Pro

Earl May- 30+ A

Logan Lewis- 250 Novice Stock

Shelbie Brittain- 99-250F Schoolgirl 12-16 Modified

Eric Smith- 250 Novice Modified

Zeb Smith- 250 Intermediate Stock

Nick Gaines- 85 (14-16) Modified

Abby Davignon- Girls 65-150 thru 13

AJ Boelens- 450 Novice Modified

Jacob Hayes- 250 4-Stroke Mod Non-Pro

Matt Tedder Sr.- 45+

Third Place

Jon Ames- 85 (12-13) Stock

Mitchell Harrison- 85 (7-11) Stock

Mitchell Harrison- 85 (7-11) Modified

Aaron Smith- 25+ A

Rob Copple- 250 Movice Stock

Zeb Smith- 250 Intermediate Stock

Mark Worth- 85 (7-11) Modified

Lowell Spangler- 250 Pro

Lowell Spangler- 450 A Modified

Justin Summers- 450 4-Stroke Modified Non-Pro

Matt Tedder Sr.- 40+

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