After celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a successful year on and off the track, Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green MX is looking to continue its rich tradition of developing talent while collecting championships across the nation. Though everyone who rides a Kawasaki product is a member of Team Green, every year a handful of talented young riders are selected to represent the brand at amateur motocross events nationally.

In 2012, there will be 25 riders flying Team Green graphics on their Kawasaki KX(TM) models. With a wide variety of ages and classes covered, Team Green is represented in 11 classes ranging from 65cc (7-9) to the highest levels in the Vet classes. With four new riders on the team and 21 returning from last season, Team Green is poised to collect numerous championships in the upcoming race season.

Says Team Green Supervisor Ryan Holliday, “We have a strong team of riders set for the 2012 season. Everyone is healthy and ready to go so we’re looking forward to another great year of racing. Starting at Mini-O’s, all of our riders will be on 2012 bikes, from KX(TM)65s to KX(TM)450Fs. It will be cool to showcase the new bikes at the first event of the season.”

The 2012 Team Green roster is stacked deep with talent, boasting 25 riders who have accumulated a total of 45 Loretta Lynn’s championships. Even for this talented group of individuals, with each new season comes a new set of challenges. As new riders join the Team Green ranks, current team members continue moving up in their respective classes as their racing careers progress.

“It’s interesting to see how the athletes transition between classes,” continued Holliday. “Our new riders this year include Carson Mumford, Sean Cantrell, and Garrett Marchbanks. They are all young riders who did very well last season and I thought would make great additions to the team. We continue to build Team Green from the ground up by creating long-lasting relationships with young riders and hope we can help carry them through the rest of their careers.”

The Team Green amateur motocross season begins at the Mini Winter Olympics in Gainesville, Fla., and will culminate at the AMA Amateur National Championships held annually at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. Since the team has not raced an amateur national event since Loretta Lynn’s last August, they are excited to get to Florida so they get the 2012 season under way.

2012 Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Motocross Amateur Lineup:

#          RIDER                       CLASSES                               HOMETOWN

325      Stilez Robertson           65cc 7-9                                  Bakersfield, CA

122      Carson Mumford           65cc 10-11 / 85cc 9-11           Simi Valley, CA

99        Lance Kobusch            85cc 9-11                                New Florence, MO

82        Garrett Marchbanks     85cc 9-11                                Coalville, UT

128      Carter Halpain              85cc 9-11                                 Lubbock, TX

382      Tanner Stack                85cc 12-13 / Supermini            Oak Grove, MO

37        Sean Cantrell                85cc 12-13 / Supermini            Newbury, CA

214      Austin Forkner             85cc 12-13 / Supermini            Richards, MO

321      Mark Worth                   85cc 12-13 / Supermini            Queen Creek, AZ

48        Blake Green                  Supermini / Schoolboy              Corona, CA

457      Darian Sanayei             Schoolboy                                Monroe, WA

92        Adam Cianciarulo         Schoolboy / 250 B                   Port Orange, FL

707      Nick Gaines                  Schoolboy / 250 B                   Ringgold, GA

64        Thomas Covington       Schoolboy / 250 B                   Murrieta, CA

8          Dillan Epstein                250 / 450 A                             Agoura, CA

595      Colt Nichols                  250 / 450 A                             Muskogee, OK

154      Justin Hill                      250 / 450 A                             Yoncalla, OR

120      Dylan Cox                    250 / 450 A                             Whitesville, KY

198      Brandy Richards          Women                                   Lake Havasu, AZ

58        Jimmy Evans                 Vet                                         Belle Vernon, PA

34        Clark Stiles                    Vet                                         Tanner, AL

6          Keith Johnson               Vet                                         Carver, MA

9          Mike Treadwell             Vet                                          Tolland, CT

82        Earl May                        Vet                                          Tallahassee, FL

10        Matt Tedder                   Vet                                          Surfside, CA


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