It’s the first ever Monster Energy Cup, Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. It’s the race everyone’s been talking about. Why? A few reasons – first – a million dollars to any rider that can win all the motos. Second reason – new race format – three motos! Three ten lap main events! Third – unique race track. Although very similar to a supercross race, promoter Feld Motor Sports hired two of the biggest names in Supercross and Motocross to help build the track, and to help make it part ‘motocross’. Those two big names would be Ricky Carmichael, and Jeremy McGrath. Another reason – new rules! Or lack thereof. The teams and riders get to use two-way radios to communicate while the races are going on, ala NASCAR. Ryan Villopoto has won the 2011 Monster Energy Cup event in Las Vegas, and the 1 million dollar prize money that goes with it!

All of today’s action from Sam Boyd Stadium and this first ever Monster Energy Cup Motocross / Supercross will be below. Who’s racing? How about 2011 AMA Supercross Series Champion Ryan Villopoto? (Ryan also won the 2011 AMA Motocross Championship, and was part of the winning USA team in the Motocross of Nations in France last month.) How about Ryan Dungey, also a AMA Supercross Series and MX Series Champion (2010), making his debut for the KTM Red Bull team. West Supercross Champs Broc Tickle and Jake Weimer, one of the youngest riders on the racing circuit today, Kevin Windham. Justin Brayton is making his American Honda Muscle Milk team debut. Two time world Motocross Champion in the MX2 class Marvin Musquin, racing on the 350 KTM. And there are plenty more riders …

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Ryan Dungey’s brand new factory 450 KTM

Saturday morning, 11:01am. The Monster Energy Cup is on. Part Supercross. Part Motocross. It is on! As all the teams and riders have come out to walk the track. At the same time, a live solo guitarist is playing and warming up for the opening cermonies by doing his version of the Star Spangled Banner. Sounds good. Riders are walking the track, although most have chosen not to walk up the hill that goes into the stands. (See photo of hill that goes into the seats of the stadium.) It’s already very hot here in Las Vegas.

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Just a small part of the long track – this is the uphill / downhill section that goes into the stands

12:30pm: There are three classes racing tonight. Of course, you have the Premiere riders going for the Million dollars. In qualifying that started now, not surprisingly you have in the premiere class Supercross and MX Champion Ryan Villopoto on top with the quickest lap time of 1 minute 27 seconds. Ryan Dungey is next at 1 minute 28 seconds. Mike Alessi 1:28, Kevin Windham 1:29. Broc Tickle, racing a 450, 1:29. Jake Weimer 1:29. Marvin Musquin 1:19. Brett Metcalfe 1:30. Cole Seely on a 450 – 1:30. Kyle Cunningham 1:30. Kyle Chisholm 1:30. Justin Brayton riding for Honda Muscle Milk for the first time 1:30. Eli Tomac, also 450 mounted, 1:30. Ben Townely at 1:31. Then Jimmy Albertson, Kyle Patridge, Martin Davalos, Nick Wey, Nick Paluzzi, Chris Blose, Weston Peick, Ben LaMay, Jason Thomas, and Dominic Izzi.

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Ryan Villopoto

12:50pm. Talked with Broc Tickle about the track. Although the weather is very warm (probably close to 100 degrees F.) he said the supercross (inside) part of the track is very wet and slippery. In looking at the outside (motocross) part of the track, it’s quite dry.

In the Amatuer All Stars, Jessy Nelson on top with 1 minute 34 seconds. Zach Bell 1:35, then Chris Alldredge, Justin Hill, Grant Ransdell, Cole Thompson, Austin Politelli, Blake Savage, Thomas Covington, Zack Williams, Vann Martin, Steven Tokarski, Brady Kiesel, Josh Mosiman, Clay Chapiewski, and James Gardiner. They are all mounted on 250cc machines.

And in Super Mini Practice, Adam Cianciarulo has the quickest lap – 1 minute 38 seconds. He’s followed in timed order by Blake Green, Darian Sanayei, Andrew Pierce, Chase Bell, Mark Worth, Jon Ames, Tristan Miller, Rookie White, Justin Hoeft, Bradford Young, Cole Barbieri, Ashton Hayes, Tory Graffunder, Jeremy Byrne, Shelby Peterson, Chad Scogins, Chase Marquier, Andy Kost, Austen Wiser, Sam Redman, and Robbie Wagerman.

2:15pm. Talked to American Honda’s Bill Savino, and their newest rider – Justin Brayton. Justin explained how excited he is to be on the Honda team, and looking forward to 2012 Supercross. Officially the team is going to be called Honda Muscle Milk racing. (Video of Bill and Justin coming.)

3:10: Track maintainence before the riders come back out for the next timed practice sessions.

3:45pm. Top guys come out for their final practice. Dungey quickest, then Villopoto, Windham, Metcalfe, and Musquin. But when they combine all the practice sessions together – Ryan Villopoto is on top with 1 minute 27 seconds, followed by Ryan Dungey at 1:28, then Mike Alessi, Kevin Windham, Broc Tickle, Brett Metcalfe, Jake Weimer, Marvin Musquin, Vince Friese, Jake Canada, Greg Aranda, Eli Tomac, Cole Seely, Kyle Cunningham, and Kyle Chisholm round out the top 15. There are 47 riders in total in the premiere class. Ryan Villopoto will get first gate pick for the first moto later tonight.

6:54pm. Opening ceremonies start. Lights go out. Guitarist does solo of Star Spangled Banner. Music starts pumping. Fireworks go off. Light show begins. Riders are starting to be introduced. First rider – Brett Metcalfe. Next rider Justin Brayton. Kevin Windham. And Kevin does his traditional huge leaps for introduction. He launched off one of the freestyle ramps, continued on, and launched straight off a berm like a triple jump. Next rider up – Ryan Dungey. Supercross, Motocross Champion – the King of 2011 – Ryan Villopoto.

7:18pm. Heat 1 – 8 laps, 20 riders. Riders 1 – 4 go directly to the main events. Brett Metcalfe gets the holeshot exiting the 180 degree left handed first corner. Kevin Windham falls in first corner. First lap it’s Metcalfe in the lead, Eli Tomac next, Ryan Dungey third, Justin Brayton fourth, and Marvin Musquin fifth. All these riders are on ‘open class’ bikes, 450cc and 350cc. The track seems very high speed. The riders are ‘flying’ around the track.

On lap four, Metcalfe is leading, and Tomac is just over one second behind Metcalfe. About two seconds behind those two is Ryan Dungey. And they are starting to buch up a bit closer together. Justin Brayton is a ways back in fourth, and then Marvin Musquin is fifth in his first ‘supercross’ in almost one year.

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Brett Metcalfe

The top three are close – Metcalfe, Tomac, Dungey. On lap seven, Dungey moves past Tomac and into second. It’s now Metcalfe leading, Dungey second, Tomac third. Fourth is Brayton, followed by Musquin.

On the last lap, with two corners to go, Metcalfe makes just the smallest bobble, and Dungey passes for the lead! Ryan Dungey wins this first heat – his first race for KTM! Metcalfe second, Tomac third, Brayton next, Musquin fifth out of 20 riders.

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Ryan Dungey

7:35pm. The second premiere heat takes off. Emerging back into the stadium after going thru the ‘motocross’ section outside the stadium, it’s Jake Weimer with the lead! He’s followed by Mike Alessi and Ryan Villopoto.

As they start lap three – Ryan Villopoto takes over the lead from teamate Jake Weimer. So, it’s Villopoto up front, Weimer in second, Mike Alessi third. 101 Ben Townley is fourth.

Villopoto has pulled a nice lead as lap five starts. Weimer is still second. Ben Townley has moved past Alessi and into third. Fourth is M Alessi. But Villopoto is running away with this one so far.

Ryan Villopoto is leading by over 10 seconds. Jake Weimer still second. Ben Townley, riding a 450, is third. Kyle Partridge number 76 has moved into fourth. Mike Alessi is fifth. And that’s how they finish – Ryan Villopoto has won this heat race! Then Weimer, Townley, Partridge, and Broc Tickle moves in fifth, Alessi finishes sixth.

7:53pm. Super Mini Race – 4 laps. Winner is Adam Cianciarulo on the Kawasaki. C Webb second, Blake Green third, then A Pierce, B Young, M Worth, A Hayes, C Scogins, C Marquier, S Peterson, T Graffunder, J Hoeft, A Wiser, J Ames, J Byrne, S Redman, R White, T Miller, R Wageman, and A Kost. They’ll do a second moto for the overall finishes.

8:04pm. Semi number 1. 6 laps, 16 riders. 1 – 5 advance to the Main Events. Nick Wey is the early leader. Kevin Windham is back in the pack a bit … eighth place.

On the fourth lap, it’s Nick Wey leading, Marvin Musquin is running second. Jimmy Albertson is third, followed by J Browne, Weston Peick, and Chris Blose. Kevin Windham is seventh. Only riders 1 – 5 will advance to main events!

Nick Wey has won this race. Marvin Musquin is second. Jimmy Albertson third. J Browne fourth, and Weston Peick fifth. They all go to the Main Events. Kevin Windham finished seventh, will have to try one more time in LCQ.

8:16pm. Semi number 2. Also 6 laps, 16 riders. 1 – 5 advance to the Main Events. Mike Alessi is the leader. Number 72 Nic Paluzzi is second. Third is Supercross West Champion Broc Tickle. Fourth is Tyler Bowers, and Ryan Clark is fifth. Cole Seely sixth, Josh Hansen 11th.

On the last lap Mike Alessi is leading, and Broc Tickle is right on his rear. Coming back in to the stadium after the long sand straightaway, Tickle makes his move past Alessi in the tight left hand corner at the end of the straight, and takes the lead! Tickle wins the race as well! Alessi second, Cole Seely finishes third, Nic Paluzzi is fourth, and Kyle Chisholm fifth. They all go to the Main Event.

8:26pm. it’s the Amateur All Stars race 1. 5 laps. 22 riders. This race is won by Zach Bell on his Kawasaki 250. They’ll have a second moto to determine their overall positions at the end of the night.

8;37pm. LCQ for the big boys. Windham’s last chance to make the main. 4 laps, 22 riders, 1 – 4 advance to the main. Josh Hansen is the leader. Marvin Davalos has moved into the lead though. Josh Hansen second, Kevin Windham third, and Chris Blose fourth. This is a quick race. And Martin Davalos wins it! Hansen next, Windham, and Blose – they’ll go on to Main Event.

8:49pm. The Best Trick compeition starts. 5 riders. Winner going to get 40k! And the winner is Mark Monea!

9:23pm. The first of the three main events takes off. 10 laps. 22 riders. And it’s Ryan Villopoto on his number 2 Monster Energy Kawasaki in the lead! Second place is Ben Townley! Mike Alessi third! Brett Metcalfe fourth! Ryan Dungey fifth! Then Weimer, Tomac, Partridge, Davalos, Albertson, Blose, Brayton, Seely, Musquin, Chisholm, Browne, Wey, Windham, Paluzzi, Peick and Hansen.

Ryan Villopoto is killing it. 5 laps in he has an almost ten second lead. Second place with a good ride – Ben Townley. Ryan Dungey has moved into third. Brett Metcalfe is fourth. And Mike Alessi is fifth.

Villopoto is way out front. He’s running lap times in the 1:27 range. Townley and Dungey are next, with Dungey moving up closer to Townley. Townley turning 1:29 laps, Dungey 1:28 laps. Metcalfe is fourth, and Alessi holds onto fifth. Three laps to go in this first Main Event.

While Villopoto is heading for the win on this last lap, Townley and Dungey are putting on a show. Dungey is right on Townley’s back tire. At the top of the ‘hill’ section inside the stadium, in the right hand corner, Dungey’s front wheel touches Townley’s back wheel. They are going to battle till the end.

Meanwhile … Ryan Villopoto is one third of the way towards a million dollar pay day. He’s won this first main event in convincing fashion. Townley holds onto second, Dungey third. Brett Metcalfe finishes fourth, Eli Tomac moves to fifth. Then it’s M Alessi, M Davalos, Marvin Musquin, K Chisholm, Chris Blose, J Albertson, Jake Weimer, Justin Brayton, Nick Wey, Kevin Windham, Broc Tickle, J Browne, K Partridge, Weston Peick, N Paluzzi. Cole Seely DNF, and Josh Hansen was DQ’ed.

9:42pm. Super Mini Race #2. 8 laps. 22 riders. They finish just as they did in moto number 1 – Adam Cianciarulo first, Cooper Webb second, Blake Green third. That’s the top three overall too – Adam first, Cooper second, and Blake third. In this moto, fourth thru tenth – Blake Young, T Miller, M Worth, J Hoeft, A Hayes, J Byrne, and S Peterson.

9:57pm. The second of the three main events takes off. 10 laps. 22 riders. The leader is Ryan Villopoto! Second is Ryan Dungey. Third is Brett Metcalfe. Fourth Ben Townley. Eli Tomac fifth. Then it’s Brayton, Weimer, Davalos, Musquin, Chisholm, Albertson, Browne, Wey, Windham, Tickle, Seely, Partridge, Peick, Hansen, Blose. Alessi is out of the race, and Paluzzi DNS.

Ryan Villopoto is just about halfway towards winning a million dollars. Unbelieveable. He’s making it look easy so far. At the halfway point of this race he’s leading very comfortably over Ryan Dungey in second. Third place belongs to Brett Metcalfe. Eli Tomac has moved into fourth. Townley is fifth.

On lap seven, Townley, after a successful night so far, has pulled into the mechanics area. Looks like a bike issue. Villopoto out front, leading Dungey by almost eight seconds. Third is Brett Metcalfe on the Suzuki. Eli Tomac is next, and Justin Brayton has moved up to fifth.

This ten lap main event win goes to Ryan Villopoto – easily. Can Villopoto win a million dollars??? He’s led every lap so far …one more main event to go.

Second in this moto – Ryan Dungey, then Brett Metcalfe, Eli Tomac, Justin Brayton, Jake Weimer, Martin Davalos, Marvin Musquin, Kyle Chisholm, Jimmy Albertson, Nick Wey, Cole Seely, J Browne, Kevin Windham, Kyle Partridge, Chris Blose, Josh Hansen and Broc Tickle.

10:14pm. Amateur All Stars Race 2 – 5 laps, 22 riders. J Hill wins. A Politelli second, C Thompson, Zach Bell, T Covington, D Epstein, J Nelson, V Martin, Z Williams, C Alldredge, J Gardiner, B Savage, S Tokarski, J Mosiman, C Chapiewski, B Kiesel, G Randsell, and A Wardius.

10:30pm. The final of the three main events takes off. 10 laps. 22 riders. Holy @#$%. Can Ryan Villopoto win a million dollars? It might just happen. At the end of the first lap, Ryan Villopoto is in the lead – just as he has been at the completion of every lap in the main events so far. Truly unbelieveable.

Two-plus laps in Ryan Villopoto has already stretched out a good lead. Almost 7 seconds! On lap three, Ryan Dungey passes Mike Alessi and moves into second. Alessi is third. Brett Metcalfe is fourth. Then Wey, Davalos, Partridge, Chisholm, Albertson, Browne, Blose, Windham, Tickle, Weimer, Paluzzi, Tomac, Seely, Musquin, Brayton. Townley and Hanse are out after two laps. Peick DNS (Did Not Start).

Ryan Villopoto can definitely lay claim to ‘owning’ Supercross and Motocross in 2011. He won the 2011 AMA Supercross Series Championship. He won the AMA Motocross Series Championship. He was part of the winning USA Team at the prestigous Motocross of Nations in France last month. And he could very well cap off this season by winning a million dollars, and the largest trophy in sport – the 217 pound Monster Energy Cup. Amazing.

Ryan Villopoto has completed six laps of this ten lap final main event. He’s four laps away from doing it. 6 minutes.

At 10:45pm, Ryan Villopoto has done it. And he made it look easy. Ryan Villopoto won all three main events of the inaugural 2011 Monster Energy Cup. He led all 30 laps. And oh yeah … Ryan won the one million dollars by winning all the races!

In this third race, the running order – Villopoto, Dungey, Metcalfe, Wey, Davalos, Alessi, Chisholm, Albertson, Tickle, Tomac, Weimer, Windham, Seely, Partridge, Blose, Paluzzi, Musquin, Brayton, Browne, Townley.

The overall of the 2011 Monster Energy Cup – Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, Brett Metcalfe. One million dollars, 50,000 dollars, 20,000 dollars respectively.

Winner Ryan Villopoto said: It’s crazy. It’s hard to believe. It’s unreal. We’ve had a hell of a year this year, and if we can pull it off next year that would be unreal. I want to thank Monster and Feld. It’s not a typical format of a supercross race, with one main event. We had three races, with three starts, and that’s 90% of it.

Ryan Dungey said: Congrats to Ryan Villopoto and the million dollars. We got a lot done, and I’m looking forward to next year. We’ve had a lot of fun testing, and I’m really looking forward to next year. I really enjoyed this tonight. Facebook

Amateur All-Stars Official Results:

  1. Justin Hill
  2. Austin Politelli
  3. Cole Thompson
  4. Zach Bell
  5. Jessy Nelson
  6. Thomas Convington
  7. Vann Martin
  8. Dillan Epstein
  9. Steven Tokarski
  10. Zack Williams
  11. James Gardiner
  12. Chris Alldredge
  13. Grant Ransdell
  14. Brady Kiesel
  15. Blake Savage
  16. Clay Chapiweski
  17. Josh Mosiman
  18. Alyas Wardius

Super Mini Class Official Results:

  1. Adam Cianciarulo
  2. Cooper Webb
  3. Blake Green
  4. Bradford Young
  5. Mark Worth
  6. Ashton Hayes
  7. Justin Hoeft
  8. Shelby Peterson
  9. Chase Marquier
  10. Andrew Pierce
  11. Tristan Miller
  12. Chad Scogins
  13. Jeremy Byrne
  14. Austen Wiser
  15. Troy Graffunder
  16. Rooke White
  17. Robbie Wageman
  18. Sam Redman
  19. Jon Ames
  20. Andy Kost
  21. Jantz Grodzicki
  22. Cole Barbeiri
  23. Chase Bell
  24. Darian Sanayel

Monster Energy Cup Official Results:

  1. Ryan Villopoto – 1/1/1
  2. Ryan Dungey – 3/2/2
  3. Brett Metcalfe – 4/3/3
  4. Martin Davalos – 7/7/5
  5. Eli Tomac – 5/4/10
  6. Kyle Chisholm – 9/9/7
  7. Nick Wey – 14/11/4
  8. Jimmy Albertson – 11/10/8
  9. Jake Weimer – 12/6/11
  10. Mike Alessi – 6/21/6
  11. Marvin Musquin – 8/8/17
  12. Justin Brayton – 13/5/18
  13. Kevin Windham – 15/14/12
  14. Chris Blose – 10/16/15
  15. Ben Townley – 2/19/20
  16. Broc Tickle – 16/18/9
  17. Cole Seely – 21/12/13
  18. Kyle Partridge – 18/15/14
  19. Jarred Browne – 17/13/19
  20. Nick Paluzzi – 20/22/16
  21. Josh Hansen – 22/17/16
  22. Weston Peick – 19/20/22

Monster Energy Cup Supercross Motocross Race Report - Photo 47 of 47

l – r: Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, Brett Metcalfe – the podium of Monster Energy Cup 2011 in Las Vegas



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