Its been a crazy week since I got home from my Vegas trip. Vegas pretty much sucked the life out of me! My Team of Friends aka Team MXGirls arrived in Vegas on Friday morning, 12:30am to be exact. We checked into Planet Hollywood Hotel, which I must say, I loved the Hotel!. The team was not sleepy, we all know that Vegas pumps oxygen and it was already flowing through our veins. More importantly, you need to check out our Mini Flip Cam video I made of our crazy room at Planet Hollywood!

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We woke up Friday morning, I was all full over energy, my good friend Tricia and I decided to run the stairs at Planet Hollywood, we were on the 36th floor.. we started on the 5th floor. To say the least, I almost died! Lol, but it was awesome! Who needs gyms when you can take the stairs! Definitely a butt kicking workout!

I would be racing the half-time show on the Quantya Electric Bike on Friday night so I had to deal with some Mino Moto SX details in the morning, once all that was ironed out, I headed over to the Golf Tournament.


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I planned on helping out, but Team arrived so late, bottom line, losers! BUT, wow, the event was in full swing and Jenn Combs had everything under control, she told me, go enjoy yourself! WOW, my guilt for showing up so late was overwhelming, so I went and joined the putting contest * wink * * wink* , rough life I know!! ha-ha.

So, we participated in a little charity giving activity and then we headed to The Orleans Hotel to make sure my Quantya Electric Bike and I spent some quality time together before my race!

The Mini Moto SX was full of action packed racing. The sun went down and it was time to watch the women take the gate for their race! Lots of tension on the gate, I could feel everyone’s passion to win. Glares were flying and attitudes with tooding.. well, kind of !! lol .. but, they were ready to race and win!

I couldn’t watch the race, I had to get on my bike and get on the staging area, my race was up next!

I had the chance to catch up with the Mini Moto SX Champion, Erika Short! While the women’s class was on the track I was in the staging area for my 1/2 show race on the Quantya Electric Dirtbike. When I saw Erika on the podium shouting out “rad”, “radical”, and “freaking insane”, I was more than stoked to know that she took the 1st Place podium spot! I was able to catch up with Erika a week after the race and gather her experience of the race!

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Straight from Short’s Mouth! “Getting ready for Mini Moto challenged all my emotions, I was nervous! Excited! All of the above! Weeks before the event I started asking every single friend of mine what to expect at Vegas MMSX. They were telling me its pretty gnarly because everything is really tight and they flood the track so expect to be sliding in mud the whole time. I was getting the complete lowdown on tires, tire pressure, gearing, all the essential details needed to win this race!

A week before the event started my bike was running like poop and we were rushing around trying to figure out the problem and get the last minute details done. Thursday finally came around and I was soooo excited to be road tripping with my best friend to Vegas to race most popular Mini Moto race ever! Thursday I watched qualifiers and man the track with wicked! The whoops were super gnarly and I was thinking to myself I know I’m going to wad in the whoops.

Friday night was rough, couldn’t sleep, my emotions were on overload! I remember laying in bed and just picturing me riding at milestone the past week, over and over I would watch myself go around the track and I would be like man, I should of done this, I should have rode harder, faster, I was just grilling myself over and over again!

Its race time! I lined up with a 4th gate pick for the main event. I wasn’t nervous for the most part, I was confident, but I really really had to pee even though I went like 10 minutes before ha-ha. Michele Johnson from was getting me all dialed in with the MXGirls/ Helmet Cam, I was stoked to capturing the race for them. I remember just sitting there going okay just ride, have fun. I remembered what my trainer/mechanic Mike was telling me, a corner is a corner, a jump is a jump, whoops are whoops, its all the same just go out there ride with a smile and you will do great. The 30 second board went up and I was ready.

The gate dropped and I dumped my clutch and wheelied. I got my front tire back down and got on the gas. I had to avoid some first turn carnage, but I got around that and came out in 5th. I set my sights on Tania Satchwell. I made my way around both of them in the first lap and the chase was on. I reeled in Jackie Ives and Sara Price. I was all over Jackie’s rear tire. Every corner before the whoops I would nail her back tire. I saw Sara stalled in the corner before the finish line. That put me into 2nd place. Jackie and I had a great battle and on the last lap we were almost side by side over the finish line jump. I never saw the white flag, so I was planning on making my move in the corner before the whoops. Jackie always went inside, so I was going to stay on the gas longer, rail the outside and try to get a better drive through the sketch’d out whoops. Next thing I see, the corner after the finish line jump Jackie nails a lapped rider. I don’t know if the rider got in her way, or what happened, but I made my way around them.

I remember thinking to myself OMG I’m winning mini moto supercross! I got rid of that thought as I didn’t want to think about that and make a mistake. I started singing to myself and yelling “cup check” (inside joke between my mechanic and I) I took my time through the whoops and saw the checkered flag. I couldn’t believe it, but at the same time I was like someone has to be in front of me! No way did I just beat some of the fastest female pro motocrossers. I came off the track and was asking everyone did i win? They were like Erika you just freaking won!! I took my helmet off and couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. I still can’t believe it to this day that I won, its just surreal. I can’t wait for next year to defend my title and race one of the most funnest races ever!”

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Sara Price joined Mini Moto SX for this 1st time this year! It was awesome to have more talent out on the track, Sara definitely brought her A game and gave the crowd a great race to watch! Here is what Sara had to say, “Mini Moto was a awesome experience riding for Randy’s Cabinet co. Testing and getting the bike ready for Mini Moto was a fun and new experience. I was definitely feeling comfortable and hoping for the 2009 title in the womens class. In the main event I took a early lead riding smooth with Erika Short, Jackie Ives, Tatum Sik and other top lady pros behind. With a couple laps to go I had a mechanical problems and my bike had stalled, leaving me to charge and work my way to the front of the pack, leaving me in 4th overall. The whole event was a fun opportunity and it was nice to have joined the biggest small bike race in the world. Look forward to seeing you all next year!”

Jackie Ives, 2008 Mini Moto SX Champion met up with some stiff competition in Vegas this year, but she raced her heart out and this is her outlook on how her race went! Check it out! This year for mini moto I got to be part of team CHP which was awesome my bike ran great and looked amazing. My practice and heat races went great, i had number one qualifying lap in the womens and won my heat. I also raced the mens 12AM i managed to get a 2nd place in my heat and transfered to the main! The womens main was intense there were a lot of fast girls out there. I got a really good start, Sara Price and I were battling pretty hard the for the lead until she decided to stall her bike and hand it over,”LOL”. I had Erika Short hot on the back wheel, but was determined not to give it up until I went over the finish on the last lap with a lapper who drifted into my line which resulted in a gnarly crash and ended my night with a 5th place instead of 1st.

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Its time for the Halftime  Quantya Electric Bike vrs Zero Electric Bike Race at Mini Moto SX!

Right when the women’s class ended, it was my turn! Here I was on the start gate with some bad a$$ riders! Mike Metzger was one of them, I dont think in my past 25 yrs *wink*,  I would have ever imagined being on the start gate riding a  Quantya Electric Bike and Mike Metzger being on the same gate as well! Pretty awesome! Let me remind you, this race was for fun!

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The goal of the race was to demo the functionality and ability of these two bikes against each other. Riding the Quantya Electric Bike is a whole new experience and one I will treasure for a lifetime! I truly enjoy the bike and had a blast challenging myself to race this bike on the tight Mini Moto SX track.

The gate dropped and the race began! It was more of a blurr than anything, I remember telling myself, don’t get hurt and don’t get in the way of the fast guys! There were some die hard battles going on and I really needed to focus on meeting up with my girlfriends after the race and having a fun weekend of bar hoping, dancing and poolside shenanigans. OK, so I was still focused enough on the race to see the Quantya bikes and my teammates kicking some serious a$$, I got lapped by our 2 fastest guys on the team, I

remember letting them by and then getting back in the lane. Opps, did I play dirty.. of course I did! I ended the race in the 8th spot with a total of 12 on the gate. More importantly I had a great time, my Answer Racing Gear looked insane and I met a great group of people and was part of a history making event! I am putting together a Quantya Electric Bike Review, so stay tunned for that puppy! To say the least, I loved the Quantya Electric Bike!

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After the Mini Moto was over, Team V-Lined directly to the hotel, proceeded with grooming activities and then busted out to “Wasted Space” at The HardRock Hotel! It was rough waiting in line for less than ½ a minute, but someone has to do it! The night was fun and the music was pumping. Saturday you could find me poolside at the Hard Rock Pool all day with my team and then we accidentally skipped the Supercross race *wink* and packed in a 4 hour nap before we had to get ready for the Monster Energy Party at the Hard Rock.. and that pretty much wraps up the weekend!

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