Mitchell Oldenburg injury

Mitchell Oldenburg practice session injury tear ACL and MCL

Mitchell Oldenburg injury announcement

Mitchell Oldenburg announced a practice crash on his social media. The crash resulted in a torn ACL and MCL. With the Supercross indoor season coming to a close its tough to hear.

Mitchell has a had a number of mid group finishes and as he stated “its been a rough couple of years”. We hope he has a speedy recovery and will look for updates as he tries to get ready for the out door season that starts in about a month.

Check back! We’ll continue to bring you more updates on Mitchell and other Supercross Riders.

6/18/2018 – Update

Its good to see Mitchell Oldenburg up and active. He recently posted a shot while on bike. So it looks like he’s in his rehab stage. He mentions that he misses the long summer days on the track but is happy with his progress with mind and body.

Mitchell Oldenburg is a name you hear on the track when he’s healthy so we are excited for his continued progress.


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