#79, Jacob Marsack is making his way through the most demanding off-road motorcycle series in the world – the AMA Supercross Series. The ups and downs of racing have taught Jacob many lessons. To get to this level, you must have deep roots in motocross, usually starting in your youth, and chances are some family behind you as well. That’s true for Jacob.

His father is also his mechanic. And this father/son duo is doing quite well! With the support of his dad, family, friends, and girlfriend, Jacob Marsack is hopefully on the road to even more success in the future.

Angela: I’ve heard your dad is your mechanic. Is that true? And who do you ride for and who supports you?

Jacob: Yes, my dad is my mechanic. And we are under a team rig, headed up by Kawasaki, Maestro, STG, Tamer, Dragon Goggles, Vortex, BUD Racing and Dunlop Tires.

A: What’s it like having your dad wrench for you?

J: It’s good. I can trust him a lot with the bike, and he’s always been there helping me out as I was growing up, so he knows what to do. It’s better than training a new guy and going thru all the bugs to work it out. My dad knows what’s up, during the week he fixes it all, takes care of bike, and knows everything there is to know. It’s good, plus the relationship is good, so I am happy. He’s a good dad too.

A: Do you have any other family members here at the races supporting you?

J: Oh yeah, my brother and mother are here, and they both come out to the races and in Detroit my sisters came out to watch me race … they are older, so they don’t come out to the races that much.

A: What can we expect to see from you during the rest of the season?

J: I am hoping to do good this year. I’ve worked really hard this year and I am living in California right now so it makes a big difference in my training and riding.

A: Best of luck out there Jacob!

Thank you!

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Cole Siebler #90, currently is competing in the 450 Supercross Class, fighting his way into Main Events each week. I spoke with Cole a few weeks back and here is what he had to say.

Angela: Cole, where is ‘home’ for you?

Cole: Emmett, Idaho is where I am from, a small town outside of Boise. I moved down to Ventura CA in September right after the Glen Helen National, and that’s where I am living right now.

A: Going back to the Phoenix race; there was a second Main Event start due to a red flag, … what happened to you out there?

C: On about the 3rd lap of the Main Event, Antonio Balbi and I came together and crashed. I broke my finger and ripped my fingernail off, so I pulled off the track because I was pretty sore, it was the same time Vuillemin crashed. They did a restart and I was thinking about going back out again, but my finger was bleeding badly, so I went to the medic truck and got it stitched up, and that’s why I wasn’t in the second start.

I had to come from behind in my heat just to make the main event, but I felt like I rode good and my lap times were good and I was looking forward to competing the main. I’ve been working so hard this year and I feel like I can put in 20 strong laps.

A: Let’s talk about the ’07 season, how is everything going for you?

C: Everything’s going great; I am riding for a new team this year. It’s called Wyvern Motosports. Scott Price is the owner. He owns some oil wells in California and wanted to start up a team. So now Leighton Lillie and I are riding the 450 class, and our team mate Daryl Ecklund is riding the Lites class. It’s awesome, it’s a first year team and we’ve got a Semi and the bikes are great, the team is great, everyone works hard, and I think it will just grow from here.

Our team manager is Brandon Thomas. He is a former rider but has taken on this role and is helping everyone out. My mechanic Max is working real hard to get my bike perfect. He works on everyone’s practice bikes during the week, and then on the weekends he only works on my stuff.

A: Cole, what does it take to get to race in the AMA Supercross Series?

C: It takes a lot of hard work. It’s not just one person, it’s a team of people that come in and do all this hard work. We have a trainer that helps us out, we’ve got good mechanics, we’ve got the best guys doing our suspension and our engines. We try to work with the best of the best, and that’s what it takes. And all that hard work; practicing since last September, testing, and working hard – but that’s what you got to do, and it will pay off in the end.

A: Thanks Cole, it was great meeting you, and keep up the hard work!

C: Thanks a lot!

If you want more info on Wyvern Motosports, check out http://www.wyvernmotosports.com

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