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On Friday the day of the Mini Moto Supercross, I woke around 7am to get ready for my first day working for the Lucus Oil Motosports TV Hour. It a TV show that plays in the U.S on the Versus Channel. I was so excited to see what was in store for me. I had worked at the Mini Moto Supercross the past few years, hosting the DVD program and Supercross.com, but the TV show was going to be something new and exciting for me to try. I’d be working with a lot of new people.

I also got to see a lot of old friends – all the guys from Source/Interlink (used to be called Primedia) like Eric and Lance and Sean and a bunch of others. Always good to see old friends, especially when we are all doing something we love so much (motorcycling!).

First we had a TV production meeting, where we go over the plans for the shoot and the entire day. Basically, we start shooting around 10am, and finished around 2am Saturday morning.

I met with Scotty (camera operator), and Trevor (show producer) and we headed out into the pits to get all the interviews we needed for the show. We talked to last years champions, ‘star’ riders, team managers, sponsors, kids, fans, and Eric P – the brains behind the MiniMoto SX.

After a few hours of non-stop work, I got to take ‘lil break and head up to my room to try to squeeze in some lunch and a nap, because I knew it would be a long night.

So, after a 20 minute nap, back to work for the night time show. The doors to the arena opened at 7pm. We went into the crowd to talk with some fans, and I also filmed an opening to the TV program.

The action started at 8:30pm – 11 main events! My main job for the TV show was to interview each winner and if possible, everyone that came up on the podium. (Hard to do sometimes, because there were a lot of people up there, and they run the races at a rapid pace … some guys even had to run off the podium to go line up for the next race!)

So, I was never too far away from the podium the entire night. It was fun because the action never stopped, and the pace was very hectic. At Mini Moto SX, there 11 classes. Women, Kids Pros, Vets … and all of them were fun to talk to right after the racing.

You’d think that the work would stop after the races were over, right? Wrong! After the racing was done, we met in our little production room, gathered up equipment, did a little recap, a few ‘high fives’ and ‘good jobs’, and then ….. out to the Vegas streets to video tape the lights of Vegas.

We finally got done around 2am. It was fun, challenging, exciting, and …. I can’t wait to do it again!


p.s. The Mini Moto Supercross TV program will be played on the Versus network on 6-14-08, around 2-3 pm California time … but check those local listings for the Lucas Oil Motorsports Hour. I cant wait to see it all put together! Dont Miss it!!

To see the results, and photos from the Mini Moto Supercross, you can visit this link


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