French podium at MotoLive with Soubeyras, Aranda and Izoird

In Rookie class the winner is Houzet, while Bernardini dominated the SX2!

In front of a crowd of 100,000 people, crowed around the track of Eicma MotoLive, is Soubeyras the hero of the day with his 250cc 2 stroke. A public which was excited for the exciting and spectacular day of race celebrated him and his fight for the podium of the Championship.

It has been a great Final #1 for Soubeyras (KTM Sarholtz): he starts behind, but since the beginning it is clear that he has more possibility of all the others.

After few laps he overtakes Izoird (Suzuki Goldentyre), who makes a good start but cannot resist to Soubeyras, who seems to have more velocity and agility on the waves: he seems to fly on the ground, really wet for the rain during the passed days. Soubeyras finishes the race in first position, alone, in front of Izoird and Coulon (Suzuki). Final #2 was a very hard race, with an alternation of riders on the top positions. In the end the best is Aranda with a great recover, overtaking Vongsana during the last laps, who has to give up his dream of a victory in Milan. Soubeyras places in third position by recover after a bad start, and so he gains the highest step of the podium by fighting for all the race. At the end, it is an overall second position for Aaranda, who finished fourth in Final #2. A bad day of race for Pellegrini (Suzuki MotoWorld): after a great start in Final#1 he finishes behind and during Final#2 he has to give up. Same story for Rivas: he makes a great start in Final #2 but for technical problems he has to fight in the behind positions.

In SX2 the winner is Bernardini, who confirms his good results in the SX Internazionali d’Italia of this year. Zecchina is the second placed, behind him only for few seconds. Overall third placed is the rider form Switzerland Auberson (KTM Switzerland) who demonstrates good qualities during the race and finishes far behind the first two positions. Only ninth Macanas (KTM MS Carreres) who injured for a fall, but he manages to preserve the red table for Genoa.

In SX Rookie, the French rider Houzet (KTM) dominated in front of compatriots Barcelo (KTM) and DO (KTM), who reaches to keep the top of the general classification. It was a real French invasion considering the eight riders in the eight top positions, while first of Italians is Schito (KTM), is only in ninth position.

So the only thing to do is to wait for the final act: Round five will be held next Saturday, 13th of November in Palafiera of Genova. A fascinating Championship, with races in each one of the three classes, should have a perfect Supercross ending, where the list of the participants will be richer with the announced challenge between World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli and 7-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath.


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